Undercover Investigation Reveals Disturbing Mystery Meat Being Served To Tourists In Bali

Warning: Graphic Images

We’ve all heard the urban legends about the local establishments that serve a preponderance of mystery meat, and we can only hope that a vast majority of them are wildly untrue. Unfortunately, some of them have proved to be right on the money, and there have been some stomach-churning revelations as a result.

Here’s another one. This one comes courtesy of an undercover investigation that was conducted in Bali.

As the New York Post shares, the investigation has revealed that unsuspecting tourists are being served a dish known as “chicken satay.” However, the dish is devoid of chicken.

It is chock full of dog meat though, so you can be sure to add Bali to your do-not-visit list - or pack a whole bunch of food from home if you still must go.

“Aside from the cruelty, the greatest shock was to discover that tourists are unwittingly eating dog meat and fueling the trade,” according to an investigator from activist group Animals Australia. “The average tourist coming to Bali has no idea that ‘RW’ on the outside of popular street food stalls indicates dog meat.”

The investigator, identified only as Luke for his own safety, spent four months undercover in the city’s dog meat trade. He would witness some horrifying situations, including gangs stealing puppies, as well as those same puppies being brutally slaughtered for food.

“As an animal cruelty investigator, I have trained myself to cope with cruelty, but nothing prepared me for the brutal catching of dogs in the village,” he explained. “I focused on my camera work but it was gut-wrenching to hear these dogs … screaming and wailing in terror and sorrow.”

Incredibly, dog meat is actually legal in the country, and many locals willingly dine on the dish.

“It is good for health especially during winter. It is good for breathing. It makes us strong,” said one resident.

While dog meat is legal, the cruel slaying of animals and the selling of poisoned meat is not, and that’s what’s happening here. Part of the undercover investigation revealed how big of a problem it has become.

“Satay chicken, not dog?” asks one tourist.

“No, not dog,” replies the vendor.

“I’m happy just as long as it’s not dog,” the tourist replies.

Disturbingly, the unsuspecting tourist was in fact being served dog. This is an incredibly nauseating discovery, and we can only hope that local officials crack down on the problem.

Exactly how this problem has become so widespread in Bali remains unclear, but it does not paint a flattering picture of the way the tourist destination is run. Is there not such a thing as random inspections of food vendors being conducted?

We’ll lean towards the answer being no, as it’s hard to imagine the problem has managed to escape detection for so long otherwise. That opens up a whole host of other problems that we don’t want to even think about - cleanliness, hygiene, sanitation, freshness of food, to name a few - and this disturbing report will do little to improve this city’s standing as a tourist destination.

Source: New York Post
Photos: ABC News Screenshot, Animals Australia

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