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Customer Asks McDonald's Manager To Fix Order - Never Expected What Happened Next

A customer going through a McDonald's drive thru complained that his order was all wrong. The drive thru employee and a manager spoke to the customer, who was filming the incident on his phone. The manager quickly became irate.

Tyler Lamb pulled into the Dearborn restaurant to order his food, and quickly told the employee that there were items missing from his bag and that his food was cold. A frustrated-sounding Lamb filmed the incident as he talked to the manager, telling her that he frequently had trouble with this McDonald's location.

Lamb did sound annoyed, but was not losing his temper or getting personal. The manager, however, was starting to sound quite heated so the customer began to film the encounter.

"Every time I come here I have a problem," Lamb told the manager. "Every time I come here."

"Then why do you come back?" the manager shot at the customer.

"Alls I wanted was my meal replaced," he said.

The drive thru employee stepped in quickly and apologized for him being unsatisfied, and explained that their policy was that they couldn't issue him a refund under the circumstance.

“Sir I'm sorry. I understand your frustration. But our policy is that we can't give you money,” said the young girl, who was clearly better versed on customer service than the superior who was looking over her shoulder.

The cashier encouraged him to call McDonald's corporate office in the morning and politely asked him to go on his way so she could get to the rest of the customers in line.

Behind her, the manager was beginning to shout at Lamb that she was calling the cops if he didn’t leave. She looked out the window and noticed the customer’s phone in hand. When she realized she was being recorded, she became furious.

"I will break your phone!" she shouted, lunging at the window. Three employees, including the polite drive-thru cashier, held her back and pulled her away from the window.

"You betta get me off your phone, for real!" The black manager shouted, then called the white customer a 'n-gger' and a 'b-tch'.

The manager began screaming ‘that’s illegal’, indicating she thought it was illegal for Lamb to film her. The customer had gotten all he needed and was apparently not going to stick around to let the situation escalate any further.

Lamb drove off, saying, "All right, you're fired."

And he was correct. The customer reported the incident to McDonald's and posted the video online. A spokesperson from McDonald's said that the manager had been fired, saying, "We have zero tolerance for any employee who disrespects our customers."

"We immediately terminated the manager upon learning of this incident.... All personnel are trained to provide high-quality service to our valued customers," said a statement from the company.

Some people have accused Lamb of baiting the manager, but even if he did, the problem for her is that she took the bait. Someone who is put in charge of a restaurant should have a better temper and not be so quick to fly off the handle.

Her behavior was inappropriate and unprofessional.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: MailOnline, Facebook

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