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Was Marilyn Monroe Secretly Pregnant With A Love Child?

A woman who was friends with iconic Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe passed away in 2014, but some of the memorabilia she clung to has raised some eyebrows. The woman had photos of what many believe is a pregnant Marilyn Monroe.

The photos have raised much speculation, but another friend has attempted to shed light on the situation.

Frieda Hull was a good friend of Marilyn Monroe. Since Hull's passing in 2014, much of her estate has been auctioned off, especially many Monroe collectibles. One group of six photos that had never before been seen sold for a mere $2,240.

No one paid much attention to them, but one person points something out that has people doing a double take: Monroe's alleged baby bump.

Tony Michaels purchased the images, which Hull had labeled as the 'pregnant slides'. Michaels said that Hull had told him of the significance of the photos before.

According to Michaels, the photos were taken in July of 1960 in New York City when the blonde bombshell was filming 'Let's Make Love'. At the time, the then-34-year-old star was married to author Arthur Miller, but the baby didn't belong to Miller, notes Michaels.

Miller and Monroe’s marriage had already started going downhill, and the estranged couple had been living apart while Monroe busied herself with her films.

Michaels says that Hull told him the baby daddy was Monroe's co-star, Yves Montand. He says Montand, who was also married, and Monroe were having an affair in the spring of 1960 while filming the movie. Montand admitted to the affair years later.

"I was crazy about my wife, but what can you do?" the French actor said.

Photos of Monroe taken just months before show her with her usual flat stomach and svelte figure; in Hull's July 1960 photos, the actress has an unusually large abdominal bulge.

Hull also told Michaels that she believes that when Monroe was hospitalized for 10 days soon after, it was due to a miscarriage and a nervous breakdown. At the time, the studio put out the story that Monroe was suffering from exhaustion.

"It was never made clear whether that was by way of a miscarriage or even an abortion," Hull said, reports Michaels.

An abortion seems like an unlikely situation. Monroe had always wanted a child and suffered three known miscarriages during her marriages.

As juicy a tidbit of Hollywood legend gossip it is, though, it really is nothing more than gossip, as nothing has confirmed the pregnancy except a slightly large belly pouch. That’s not much to go on; just think about how many times Jennifer Aniston pregnancy reports have come out over the years over her pouch, even though the actress has never had any children.

If this bump Monroe was sporting wasn't due to a few big lunches and a day without the girdle, then it's quite possible this was her fourth miscarriage. That and her divorce in 1961 could have contributed to the actress being pushed over the edge.

Just two years later, Monroe was found dead of a barbiturate overdose in her bed one morning.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Pixabay, USMC Archives/Flickr, Tony Michaels/MEGA via Daily Mail,Wikipedia

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