Many Questioned Kim Kardashian's Robbery Story - They Were Right To

How far will reality star Kim Kardashian go for attention? Some people think she'll go too far. Rumors on the internet allege that Kardashian's armed robbery report was just a publicity stunt.

Last week, reports made headlines about Kim Kardashian being robbed of $10 million worth of jewelry. According to reports, five men dressed up as police officers threatened a concierge and broke into the apartment where the celebrity was staying.

Reports say they held a gun to her head, tied her up with duct tape, gagged her and put her in the bathtub. Kardashian says she begged for her life. After robbing her, the thieves departed. Later, Kardashian said she was able to wiggle her hands-free enough to pull off her gag and call for help.

It sounds like a harrowing experience, but not everyone is convinced it happened. Private investigator Patricia D’Orsa-Dijamco has asked a barrage of questions that has left many fans wondering.

“How did Kardashian free herself from being tied up in the bathroom? Or who found Kardashian in the hotel room or bathroom? Where was her security and hotel security personnel or hotel security cameras,” D'Orsa-Dijamco wonders. “If this was a publicity stunt, she could be in big trouble for making a false police report.”

D'Orsa-Dijamco was not the only one speculating about it all being a publicity stunt. “It was one of the first possibilities that occurred to me. By now the French police might have a good idea of this,” Police trial expert Michael Levine said. “However, I'm certain they will say nothing. They have enough problems.”

In an interview with FOX411, one police officer says he thinks the robbery probably happened, but events were probably embellished. The detective thinks 'it’s more likely they are blowing the story up for publicity because she has a huge security detail.'

Others have come to defend Kardashian. “She has so many ways to get publicity that don’t involve her getting arrested for lying to the police,” said Lex Jurgen of gossip website WWTDD. “She could lose her top at Fashion Week and get 10 million SEO hits.”

No matter what the real story, people will always cling to their preferred version.

Source: Fox News
Photo: TMZ

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