Many Are Mourning The Loss Of This Famous TV Actress

Francine York, 80, lost her battle with cancer on Friday and passed away. She was diagnosed with cancer as she was penning her autobiography, leaving it unfinished.

York's biggest role was in 1973's cult classic, “The Doll Squad,” re-released under the title “Seduce and Destroy.” She plays one of five sexy CIA operatives selected by a computer for a special elite force: the Doll Squad. Their mission is to thwart a mad man who attempts to release an army of rats infected with the bubonic plague.

The actress also appeared in a number of cult (mostly sci-fi) movies, such as “The Centerfold Girls” and “Curse of the Swamp People.”

York's most famous television role was that of Lydia Limpet, sidekick to the Bookworm, on the original “Batman” series. She had guest roles on some of the most popular shows on television through the years, such as “Bewitched,” “General Hospital,” and “Hot in Cleveland.”

The veteran actress loved entertaining and cooking. She's written a number of articles and recipes for health magazines and occasionally appeared on culinary shows.

Source: Variety
Photo: FrancineYork.Com

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