Man Who Gave Birth To Husband's Baby Makes Admission

A transgendered man recently gave birth to his first child. After going through the pain of childbirth, he says he has no intention of ever going through another pregnancy. If he and his partner want more children in the future, they'll adopt.

Trystan Reece, a 34-year-old transgendered man, gave birth to a son, Leo, who weighed in at 9lbs 6 oz. He and his husband, Biff Chaplow, are thrilled to find out that 14 years after transitioning from female to male, he was still able to get pregnant.

The Oregon couple don't plan to have any more biological children, though, because giving birth was 'more painful than he could have imagined'.

The couple appeared with their new baby on 'This Morning' to talk about the new addition to their family. They believe that many transgendered couples would love to have children, but don't speak publicly about it.

"I think there have always been trans men having children, they've just been doing it not going on TV," he said.

While there have been some negative comments in public and people opposed to a transgendered man giving birth, overall, Reece believes it was a good experience and well received.

"We've received so much positive feedback but there have been some negative comments as well and that may dissuade some people from talking about this publicly."

Reece and Chaplow already have two children - Riley and Hayley - who they adopted. They really wanted to try for a biological child and are thrilled with how things turned out, but they don't want to tempt fate.

Next time, they'll consider fostering or adoption.

Reece says he thinks more men, if it were medically possible, would love to give birth to their own biological child.

"I think quite frankly there are a lot of men who would love to be able to carry a child," he said, though he added, "It was more painful than I ever could have possibly imagined. It was bad."

Reece began transitioning to a man at the age of 20 after always identifying as a male. He says he was uncomfortable living as a female.

Hormones helped him grow facial hair, and put a halt to his menstruation, but then he and Chaplow decided to start a family. Reece stopped taking hormones in order to get pregnant.

Reece first got pregnant in 2016, but six weeks into the pregnancy he had a miscarriage. The couple thought about waiting a year before trying again, but were concerned about the complications that could arise from going on and off testosterone.

They gave it one more shot, and were pregnant again quickly.

Whether people choose to give birth or adopt, the couple is hoping that more people will become open-minded to transgendered people and same-sex families having kids.

"We want more acceptance of different kinds of families. Whether that’s families of color or LGBT families," Chaplow said.

Reece, however, is glad the pregnancy is over and that he can go back on his hormone therapy and feel like his old self again.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: ITV

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