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Man Went To Bed With Three Fans On Him and Dies Hours Later

A man in Thailand must have been very hot in his apartment, because he turned on three fans and aimed them at himself when he went to sleep. According to reports, the man ended up dying of hypothermia.

In some Asian countries, people believe that going to sleep with a fan on can be deadly. Others are not convinced that this is the case, though.

According to reports from The Nation, 44-year-old Sobthawee Boonkua went to visit his elderly mother at a relative's house. He decided to spend the night, but the room in which he was sleeping was poorly ventilated.

He was hot and was worried that he wouldn't be able to sleep, so he turned on three electric fans to keep the air circulating and cool him off.

Unfortunately, Mr. Boonkua passed away. A relative found his cold body the next morning and called emergency services. An ambulance with a coroner arrived and the medical examiner blames the death on the fans.

He says that the sudden drop in temperature caused hypothermia, and the man went into shock.

According to Boonkua's family, the man was in otherwise good health and had no medical problems. They're baffled by their loved one's death.

The idea that Boonkua could have died of hypothermia in Thailand is unusual. Thailand is in the tropics; the average annual temperature is over 80 degrees.

Even in the coldest months, from February through November, the average daily low is in the low 70's. It's hard to imagine anyone can get hypothermia in that weather.

Old rumors might have a lot to do with the suspected cause of death. For decades, people in Thailand have believed that sleeping with a fan on you can kill you.

The belief is actually prevalent in southern Asian nations, and had started in Korea in the 1930s. Old stories say that if a fan is blowing on you when you're sleeping, it can cause paralysis, asphyxiation and hypothermia.

Conspiracy theories abound, and the South Korean government helped perpetuate the myth as a sneaky way of getting people to conserve energy at night during the energy crisis of the 1970's.

Scientists have tried to debunk the 'death by fan' myth, but it's not easy to convince people to let go of old wives' tales. When incidences like this occur, it tends to only renew fears.

Officer Frank Bures, author of ‘The Geography of Madness’, says the rumors abound whenever someone dies at night and the causes aren’t immediately clear. If they find a fan on in the house, the conspiracy continues.

“That's how these things usually go,” says Bures to The Atlantic. “You can't necessarily prove that the wind killed the person, and in a way it doesn't matter, because everyone believes it's the fan.”

Police are launching an investigation into the man’s death, but the devastated family has accepted the coroner’s initial report. They are saddened and are currently making plans for Boonkua to be given a traditional religious burial ceremony.

Source: Oddity Central
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