Man Takes Seat On Flight - Then He Feels Something Wet Underneath Him

One flyer was furious with an airline company when he complained that his seat was wet. It turns out that the seat was soaked with someone else's urine. They refused to change the man's seat, and even gave him supplies to clean it up himself.

After an 11-hour flight with some stranger's pee soaking into his jeans, he was livid and is demanding an apology.

Andrew Wilkinson was flying British Airways from London to Cape Town, South Africa, but it was probably the most uncomfortable flight anyone could ever imagine. As Wilkinson boarded the plane, he noticed that his seat was wet.

After a quick sniff, he realized that the liquid in question could only be urine. He called a flight attendant over, and initially she agreed with him that someone must have peed in the seat.

Wilkinson told Fox News that at first, the flight attendant seemed accommodating. She said she would see what she could do for him.

But when she returned and handed him some supplies to clean the seat, the 39-year-old was flabbergasted.

The flight attendant passed him some wipes, and the astonished passenger realized that she expected him to use them to clean up some other passenger's urine.

“You are obviously going to move me into business, aren’t you? I can’t really sit here,” Wilkinson said.

He was wrong, however. She was going to make him sit there. She could not, or would not, move him to another seat on the plane.

Wilkinson tried to improvise by putting a folded blanket on the seat to act as a barrier between himself and the urine. Unfortunately, the seat was pretty soaked, and it began soaking through the blanket.

Wilkinson could feel it soaking into his jeans.

The uncomfortable passenger asked the flight attendant for another blanket, but she never brought it. He says at one point she told him, "You are going to work me hard on this flight aren’t you?”

Wilkinson felt like she had 'blown off' his concerns, which he felt were perfectly reasonable. Having to sit in pee for 11 hours after paying $1,600 for a seat would be considered unacceptable to just about any reasonable person, yet the flight attendant allowed her passenger to sit there getting soaked.

By the end of the flight, Wilkinson was sent off in his wet jeans to make his way through the airport in search of a shower.

British Airways tried to make amends by offering Wilkinson 5,000 Avios points. Wilkinson wasn't impressed. “I just don’t think this is good enough compensation for sitting in someone’s wee for over 11 hours,” he said.

British Airways later issued a statement. "We were very concerned to hear about this and have been in touch with our customer to apologize and make amends," the statement read.

"The cleanliness of our aircraft is of the utmost importance to us and our planes are cleaned thoroughly after every flight.”

“We also perform frequent spot checks to make sure our cleaners are maintaining our high standards.”

Source: Inquisitr
Photos: YouTube, The Sun, Dead Seriousness

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