Man Gets Stabbed In Heart, Walks Into Emergency Room With Knife Still In Chest

A man walked into a hospital on Monday and stunned staff with his condition. He had part of a blade still in his chest and reported that he had gotten stabbed. The man had to undergo emergency surgery, and authorities are now looking for his attacker.

Mohamed Ramirez of Queens, New York was out in his residential neighborhood at around 10:00 p.m. Monday night when he was attacked by someone wielding a knife. The culprit plunged the blade into Ramirez's chest, piercing his heart.

Despite the horrific injury, 35-year-old Ramirez was able to get away from his attacker. He then walked five blocks with the blade still sticking out of his chest and attempted to check himself into Elmhurst Hospital. Shocked medical staff rushed the man into surgery to treat the wound.

Ramirez is a former Emergency Medical Technician, so he knew enough not to attempt to remove the blade himself. EMTs are trained not to remove objects that impale people if at all possible, and to get them to the hospital as fast as possible.

A knife can be applying pressure that is preventing the patient from bleeding outward. Sometimes, removing the knife causes even greater damage, and the stab wound that might have been treated becomes fatal.

Authorities are looking for suspects in the knife attack, though it's unclear if Ramirez knew his attacker. Locals in the residential neighborhood were shocked by the violent crime.

“This area is really safe. I never seen anything wrong here, never, never, never,” Leo Fermin, another local, told CBS News.

Forty-year-old Milly Karafasoulos, a resident, says that lately the neighborhood has been plagued by an increase in vagrants. She uses an app that alerts civilians about neighborhood crimes.

"The homeless and people who are alcoholic, and people who need word, they're just lounging around here," said Karafasoulos.

Another resident, Larry Grande, says he can't imagine why anyone would have wanted to hurt Ramirez. “It’s crazy because I always seen him around. He looked like a good guy, like no one has anything bad against him.”

Ramirez is reportedly recovering from surgery, but investigators are still waiting to speak to him. They're hoping that he can give them some clue about who might have stabbed him, and why.

In the meantime, police have been searching the neighborhood high and low in hopes of finding the rest of the weapon used in the attempted murder. They've been searching under and in every garbage can and even searching rooftops and buildings in hopes of finding a clue.

Some neighbors are just shocked at Ramirez’s will to live. The idea of getting up and walking for several city streets to get medical help is shocking to many.

“Wow, I have goosebumps,” one neighbor said.

Neighbors are wishing the injured man well, and hoping that police will soon find the culprits so that they can feel safe again.

Source: Fox News
Photos: YouTube

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