A Man Slit His Wife's Throat Because He Suspected His New Bride Lied About Being A Virgin

A man from Albania living in the U.K. was paired in an arranged marriage with a woman from his homeland and eventually brought her over to be his bride. The couple weren't together long, though.

The woman was in the country for three months before her new husband brutally murdered her. The man confessed to the crime, saying he feared his wife wasn't really a virgin.

Arben Rexha reportedly lived and worked in the London for 16 years. His new bride, 25-year-old Elidona Demiraj, had only recently joined him.

One night, the newlywed's neighbors heard 'loud screams' coming from the apartment, and then a 'thump'. They called authorities.

Demiraj was found with stab wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene. Her throat was slit so viciously that she was nearly beheaded. She also had multiple stab wounds on her arm.

Her 32-year-old husband was arrested for her murder. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility, though he has not yet been sentenced.

According to the prosecutor, the couple argued about her virginity. The relationship turned south quickly as he began suspecting his new bride of infidelity and of lying about her past.

"She had been with him, they were married and were living together – an arranged marriage has been completed and that is why she came here," he said. A few weeks later, she went to stay with friends because the couple began viciously arguing. "He thought that she was seeing someone else and it made him a bit jealous."

That night, Rexha went to retrieve his wife at her friends' house, and she returned home with him. When police later questioned the husband, he told them he was obsessed with Demiraj's past, and whether or not she had sex with her previous boyfriend. He obsessed over whether she had an abortion, or whether she was raped by another man.

"He recalled that he became obsessed with her virginity and tried to find information on the internet about how to tell if someone was a virgin," the lawyer said.

Rexha is undergoing a psychological evaluation assessment before sentencing.

Albania revamped laws in 1998 with a new Constitution that's supposed to grant women equal rights with men. Unfortunately, the culture hasn't caught up with their government's ideals yet.

Domestic violence is a big problem in Albania. Women, who are often dependent on their parents or on men for support because they aren't allowed to work, often have few recourses when there is violence in the home. While this couple was living in modern, western society, old ways of life and thinking reared their ugly heads in the relationship.

Demiraj's father, Halil, says the family is devastated. He says the family has been 'deprived of the love, happiness and her sweet smile that for 25 years never left her face, deprived... of life in the peak of her youth'.

Neighbors were so stunned and saddened by the news they held a vigil outside the couple's home in London. The Albanian community worked together to raise more than $40,000 for the grieving family so they could fly her body home for a funeral.

Source: Metro
Photo: Central News, Google, YouTube

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