Man Shot By Bystander After Beating Cop Went On To Attack More People

In Dawson County, Georgia last week, a kindly police sergeant offered a homeless man a courtesy ride to the gas station. As the officer reached into his wallet to give the man some money, the man brutally attacked him.

A legally armed bystander shot the homeless man, who fled the scene. He's been caught, but not before inflicting more damage on other people.

Sgt. Randy Harkness, a 24-year veteran of the force, was being a good Samaritan when he tried to help with a ride and a few dollars. Foster didn't seem to appreciate the officer's kindness, and became belligerent.

He then attacked Harkness without warning, beating him on the side of the road. A woman driving by witnessed the assault and rushed out of the car to help. She brought her firearm with her.

“He had both hands on the officer's gun trying to get it out of his holster,” said Adamson, who was on her way to get gas that morning when she saw the scuffle. “As soon as the guy hit the officer I pushed the call button, reached into my glove box, grabbed the gun and came out."

“As he took off toward Ga. 400, I fired two more shots at him,” Adamson added. “If he hit this officer and did damage to him I knew he was going to do something to someone else so I couldn’t let that happen."

Adamson was right; Foster had been hit by a bullet, but his crime spree wasn't over. He went on and attempted to carjack other people. He made two failed attempts in the area before he came across an elderly woman at a McDonald’s restaurant.  

According to Sharon Cheek, a manager at the restaurant, he viciously attacked the woman in an attempt to steal her car.

“He told her, looked at her, and told her she was dead, and then punched her square in the nose, 75 years there was no sense,” said Cheek.

The manager says other customers rushed to the woman's rescue and tried to subdue Foster. “Punched him, then got him on the ground and started beating him he was holding him down ‘til the cops got here,” said Cheek.

Police arrived, and Foster was rushed to the hospital. When he recovers, the 30-year-old faces 14 charges, including aggravated assault with intent to murder.

Sgt. Harkness is also recovering. He was treated at the hospital and has been released.

The woman who Foster attacked at the McDonald’s parking lot was also treated and released and seems to be recovering. Her name has not been released.

The men who finally detained Foster do not wish to be identified, but Adamson and the two men are being hailed as heroes by the community.

“I truly believe that she’s a hero,” said Sheriff Jeff Johnson to Fox 5 Atlanta, about Adamson. “I believe that she potentially saved this officer’s life. We don’t know how far the suspect would have went with the assault.”

“They are the heroes because they kept him from injuring anybody else,” Cheek said of the customers who stopped Foster from brutalizing the elderly woman.

Source: Fox 5 Atlanta, AWM
Photo: YouTube

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Virginia high school senior, Tommy Adams and his mother, were driving home from the DMV when he noticed an elderly man shoveling snow.