Man Says Someone Set His Pick-Up Truck on Fire Because Of His Pro-Trump Bumper Stickers

A man from Vancouver, Washington went out for a few drinks with friends one night, then did the responsible thing and took an Uber home. He left his truck behind in the parking lot of the bar and grille, and set out the next day to go back and pick it up.

When he got there, instead of a truck, he found a mangled mass of char and ashes. Someone torched the truck, and the man says it's because of his bumper sticker.

Johnny MacKay did not vote for President Donald Trump, but now that Trump is in office, he supports the POTUS. He put two bumper stickers on his Nissan Titan, one of which said ‘Trump 2020’. He never dreaming the two stickers would make him the target of vicious vandals.

When he returned to the parking lot of the Garage Bar and Grille, he found his vehicle well done, with anti-Trump messages spray-painted on the wreckage.

"All of a sudden I saw the tires were melted, the windows were shattered, and I was just in shock," MacKay said to KOIN, an Oregon-based station.

He believes the bumper stickers are the reason his car was targeted. "I literally just put them on this weekend," he said. "If I would've known somebody would've taken politics this far -- I saw them, I thought they were funny and apparently somebody didn't get the joke."

Randy Sanchagrin, who lives right across the street from where the car was parked, said he heard an explosion late that night. He is the one who called 911.

"All of a sudden I hear a loud bomb and the windows shake," he said. He ran out the door to see if anyone was in the truck, but he couldn't get near the blaze. "By the time I ran back to the street it was so bad there was no getting close to it."

Sanchagrin filmed the burning vehicle as he waited for authorities to arrive. The fire was reportedly so bad that it actually liquified the sign for the bar that was above it.

MacKay thinks the divide in the country has gotten way out of hand.
“Maybe he wasn’t the guy you voted for or maybe he wasn’t who you wanted in office but now he is,” said Mackay.

"If you say anything that someone doesn't like you are ultimately a target," he told the reporter. "You're automatically the enemy and they have to hurt you,” he added.

MacKay says that the loss of his truck has led to even bigger problems for him. Hasn’t just lost his transportation, but he’s lost his source of income. He was earning a living driving for Uber, and without a vehicle he now will not be able to work.

"(They) need help," MacKay said of the person who torched his truck. "Whether it was from drugs or a mental condition, this person needs to get help. If they blow up at this, who knows."

People have been getting more and more heated these days over their political differences, it’s getting scary to think of what may come when the 2020 election gets underway.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: KOIN 6 Screenshots

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