Couple Thinks Attic Is Full Of Critters, Find Giant Snake Instead

For years, homeowners heard odd noises in their attic and chalked it up to pests. They didn't do much about the problem because they never actually saw anything, but they finally decided to take a little peek into the attic to see what was making all the noise.

They were shocked to discover it wasn't little critters, like rats or squirrels, but a giant snake.

Bob and Linda Van der Herchen went into the attic on July 20th, hoping they could figure out exactly what kind of pests they might be dealing with. There was a lot of noise, and in a Florida attic, that could mean any manner of wildlife could have moved in: mice, rats, racoons, skunks, armadillos, squirrels, ducks, or some kind of bird.

The couple was worried because some types of pests could be a lot more dangerous than other types.

Bob put his phone on a selfie stick and tried to get a glimpse. He caught something slithering over a hole in the rafters. It took a full three-and-a-half minutes for the snake to fully move over the hole that they peered through.

It wasn't a family of rodents or birds that made a home in the couple's attic. It was a snake.

"Remember the other day when my neighbors called Animal Control about a snake?" Linda wrote on Facebook. "It is in our attic. Animal control hurry up and get here. Holy Toledo!"

Animal Control made one suggestion, but Linda wasn't thrilled about it. "They want me to run my dryer so the snake will be drawn to the heat.... What? The attic not hot enough?"

At first, Animal Control officers worried that they were dealing with a rattlesnake. But after they checked out its size, color, and the fact that the couple had not heard any rattling, they determined it was a 6-foot-long boa constrictor.

Linda tried putting down poison, but it didn't work on the snake. They finally called a handler, Mark Lampart, to come and pull it out of the house. Not wanting to leave his home, the snake gave Lampart quite a fight.

"It is shark week on Discovery and snake week at my house," Linda joked. "We have a handler that has been here since five trying to get it."

Lampart believes the snake got into the house by climbing up a tree. He thinks the snake might have been living there for about four years now.

"It was actually bunking in the rafter space right above the Florida room chair where my wife sits," said Bob. "Only in Florida!"

Lampert finally retrieved the snake, and it has been officially evicted from the Van der Herchen home. Snake lovers don’t have to worry about the animal being homeless, though.

The snake is getting a happy ending. Lampert likes the constrictor so much, he's taking it home and keeping it as a pet.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: YouTube, WFLA, Facebook/Linda Vanderherchen

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