Man Gets A Fine For His Car's Christmas Decor, But Community Loved It So Much They Paid His Fine

There is nothing more cheerful at Christmas time than seeing some pretty glowing lights. Christmas lights remind us all that in the darkest days of winter, there is still warmth and comfort to be found. A beautiful display of lights is enough to warm hearts and bring hope to many.

One man was told by his local police department, however, that his light display was illegal. He ended up getting a hefty fine, but the community that loved his lights for the last five years wanted to give back a little of the Christmas cheer. They took up a collection to pay the fine.

Brandon Wooden decorated the exterior of his car every year for the last five years with festive colored Christmas lights. Wooden started hanging netted light strings around the entire outside of his car: the sides, the roof, the hood and trunk. He then plugged the lights into a power source inside the vehicle and drove around town in his Christmas car.

Wooden's vehicle is almost as festive as Santa's sleigh, and residents of his North Carolina neighborhood just loved the sight of the colorful car. Wooden said he did it to spread happiness.

“I just like to see people’s reactions, spread a little love, joy,” he told WAFB. “I call it, ‘spread the glow.’”

Unfortunately, the tradition didn't make everyone glow with love. At least one police officer was unaffected by the charming light display. He pulled over Wooden and gave the man a ticket for 'improper lighting'.

Wooden would have to pay a hefty $232 fine for his decorated vehicle. But when neighbors got wind of his woes, they wouldn't let it happen. Darlene Tinkerdar Barnett found out about the situation and set up a GoFundMe campaign for Wooden.

"He brings joy to our community by driving around his specially lighted vehicle thru out the Christmas holiday,” said Barnett. “So many of y’all have been thrilled to see this vehicle, and this is not a reflection on law enforcement. I am simply asking – as a community – we all step up and help to pay the ticket for this hard-working young man.”

The community stepped up quickly "I’ll definitely be the first! My boys love seeing this car! They get so excited!"

"We love seeing it around Christmas time and I hope the police leave him alone," wrote one person who made a donation.

"A small token of appreciation for the Christmas spirit and cheer Brandon is bringing to the area, despite the Scrooge’s and Grinch’s. Merry Christmas!" said another.

Wooden was thrilled. It took only a few days to raise enough money to pay the ticket, as well as the GoFundMe fees.

"MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Thank you for stepping up to assist! Brandon is Grateful. MERRY CHRISTMAS," wrote Barnett.

The fundraiser shut down and is no longer accepting donations.

No one knows the fate of Wooden's Christmas car display. He might need to spend this year doing some research into the laws revolving around vehicle lighting to see if there is any way he can pull off 'spreading the glow' for others in the future. But at least for this Christmas, that glow seems to be spreading.

Source: Goodfullness
Photo: WAFB

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