Man Defends Himself During Home Invasion - Now He's Paying The Price

A man was confronted with the horrifying reality of a home invasion, and he attempted to defend himself and his property. Now, he is facing legal charges for using a firearm in self-defense in his own home.

The man didn't even own the gun; he wrestled it away from one of three armed men that broke into his home. He was arrested for merely defending himself.

Kyle Earl Munroe was home one day when three thugs with guns broke into his house. Munroe engaged in a struggle with two of the men, and he managed to wrestle away one of the guns. He then used the gun against his attackers by shooting at them.

The home invaders fled the scene and Munroe called police. Police managed to track down one of the suspects, who had a superficial gunshot wound he says he received from Munroe in the struggle.

You would think that Munroe could be considered brave, or a hero. You might also think that when three men entered Munroe's homes with guns and attacked him, that the homeowner would have the right to do whatever he could to ward them off.

But in fact, Munroe is the one in trouble now.

Police arrested Munroe just after he called them to report the home invasion. He has been charged with attempted murder, intent to discharge a firearm, careless use of a firearm, unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession for the purpose of trafficking and several similar charges.

Munroe has been released pending a trial, but he's been warned not to leave Nova Scotia, not to leave his house unless he has to, such as to go to work or to get medical care, and he's banned from consuming drugs, alcohol or using a cellphone.

He's also required to answer the door when police come to check up on him. He's required to 'keep the peace and be of good behavior'.

Munroe is not the only Canadian who has been prosecuted for defending himself against threats in his own home. An Ontario man, Ian Thomson, woke up in the wee hours one morning to men throwing Molotov cocktails in his home.

Thompson, a former firearms instructor, fired warning shots at the four assailants, put out the fire and called police. Police arrested Thompson, and he faced more severe charges and jail time than his attackers did.

Thompson finally got off on the charges, but he was financially ruined by the time he spent fighting for his freedom.

Michael Woodward was also financially devastated after having to go to court for using deadly force against three home invaders. Three armed teens broke into his home and Woodward defended himself with a firearm; he was arrested and charged right along with the teens.

It seems absurd that an honest person can be home one night minding their own business, only to find themselves facing lengthy jail sentences the next day because someone invaded their home and attacked them. People shouldn’t be treated like a criminal for defending themselves from criminals.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: YouTube, Alexander Kirch/123RF Stock, smit/123RF Stock, 123RF Stock Photos

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