Man Claims He's A Former CIA Agent From The Future

A man claiming to be a time traveler who went to 2018 says he has photographic proof to show for it. He sat for an interview on a radio show and told the hosts about how he came to visit the future, and what is in store for the world in 100 years.

Naturally, not a lot of people are buying the story.

The time traveler known as Alexander Smith appeared on Wednesday morning's 'Kyle and Jackie O Show', a popular Australian radio show. The hosts asked him to share his experience with time travel.

Smith told the hosts that he is a former member of the CIA. Back in the 1980's, he was sent into the future to the year 2118. Of course, he's not supposed to talk about his experience, and now that he has, he says he's a wanted man. But he claims he's willing to take the risk.

Smith said that in the future, everyone wears the same white outfits. He was wearing a suit, and when he arrived he woke up in a hospital bed. The nurse remarked that he was dressed strangely.

According to Smith, flying cars are the future, and roads are for pedestrians.

"There were no cars in the streets, the streets were one big sidewalk on which many people were walking. I looked above and the cars were actually flying overhead," he said. "It looked almost crazy. There were so many in the air."

He said he could 'prove' his story because he had a camera and snapped a photo of the future. Smith shared the photo, which looked like a futuristic cityscape, with the hosts. Tiny dots, presumably the flying cars, were scattered in the air.

The CIA initially confiscated his photo and negatives, but he had kept one secretly for himself and is sharing the snapshot.

Smith also says futuristic music is something to which we can look forward. He spotted a man wearing some kind of strange music device in his ear.

"I asked him if I could listen, and I put the things in my ears and they appeared to be two small needles, and I put them within my ear and it didn't hurt at all... it was some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard," he says.

He also adds there may be robots living among us. "I saw a woman with legs walking with a man without legs, so I figured there are human-robot relationships in the future," he notes.

Smith concluded the interview with a warning about global warming, and how desperately people need to start using alternative fuel sources now.

The man has rubbery skin and appears to be wearing a mask. Some suspect he's the same guy who recently got attention for claiming he was from 2030, and that he traveled back in time. This time traveler even passed a lie detector test, but his face is blurred, and his voice is altered in interviews.

Unfortunately for us restricted to a single time line, it’s impossible to determine if any of the claims are true—regardless of photos or lie detector tests. Only time will tell; and by then, it won’t really matter.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: YouTube

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