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Man Checks His Pet Cam and To His Horror Sees His Dog Sitter Commit Suicide

A resident of New York City was away, and had a friend dog sitting for him and watching his apartment. He knew the friend had been depressed, but when he was unable to reach her by phone, he became worried.

He decided to check in by turning on his pet surveillance camera. He could only watch as his depressed friend opened the window and leap to her death.

Constance Tyler, a 51-year-old New York City woman, was a real animal lover, so she was happy to dog sit for a friend who was going away. The dog lover had taken up walking pets for a number of local residents over the past few years.

Tyler had a lot of problems, unfortunately, but people didn't know that the pressure was getting to her. She was deep in debt, and had been getting very depressed about her situation.

On Monday morning at 8:50 a.m., Tyler committed suicide by leaping from her friend's 11th floor apartment. Tyler plummeted to the Park Avenue pavement below, landing in a courtyard behind the 19-story building. Authorities rushed to her aid but she was pronounced dead.

The death has been ruled a suicide after the apartment owner's doggie cam picked up Tyler's last moments. The man who owns the apartment and witnessed the suicide is not being named.

He told police he tuned into the video stream when he became worried about his friend. He'd been calling her, but she had not been picking up the phone.

Tyler did not leave a suicide note behind, but the homeowner witnessed her open the window and take the fatal leap. Police do not suspect foul play.

Tyler was suffering from a psychiatric disorder, and her money troubles might have pushed her over the edge. California records show that she filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in November. She had also reportedly accumulated another $141,519 in debt, mostly on credit cards.

People who knew Tyler couldn't believe she was suffering so much because she always looked happy. Barbara Kane, Tyler's 57-year-old neighbor, says she always seemed to be in good spirits.

"She never looked or seemed depressed to me. I would see her in the elevator, and she was always smiling, always had something nice to say. I would see her with the dogs – she loved dogs." said Kane to the New York Post.

There is a distinct connection between debt and suicide in older individuals. According to the 'American Journal of Preventive Medicine', in the past 15 years, suicides over debt have been on the rise for people between 40 and 64.

When people get buried in debt it can be hard to dig themselves out. It doesn’t matter if the debt was amassed through poor choices or as a result of a costly emergency, once you get deep into debt it becomes a vicious cycle that’s difficult to break. Interest rates soar, penalties and fees mount up, credit scores plummet and options become more and more limited.

People can start to feel as though they are imprisoned by their debt, and this can contribute to feelings of depression.

Suicide isn’t the answer, however, and those who feel they are going to buckle under the pressure of their debts should seek help.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Constance Tyler Facebook

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