Man Being Chased By Cops Claims He's A Friend Of Trump's - It Didn't Work

Criminals will say the darndest things to get out of a jam. Don’t believe us? Then take a gander at what this wayward young man in Florida claimed in a bid to get himself out of trouble.

He would actually call 911 as he was being chased by police to ask for help, and he would go on to tell the dispatcher that he was a close friend of President Donald Trump. Unsurprisingly, the dispatcher was less than impressed.

As the Huffington Post share, 33-year-old Aric Frydberg was suspected of smoking marijuana in a parked vehicle. Collier County cops would capture a pungent scent in the air, and they were able to trace it back to Frydberg’s vehicle, which was parked in a post office parking lot.

It’s unclear if he was actually conducting business at the post office or if it just seemed like a great place to get high, but there was no denying that the scent was coming from his car.

There was also no denying that the officers would see a bag containing a green leafy substance in his vehicle when they approached him. Frydberg attempted to pull a magic trick and make the bag disappear by putting it into his mouth, but the officers were quick enough not to be put off by his hocus pocus.

The young man realized he was in some trouble, and he proceeded to drive away at a high rate of speed.

Officers were in pursuit, and that prompted Frydberg to call 911 for some help.

“I need help, please. There’s a police officer chasing me,” Frydberg explained.

The dispatcher would encourage him to pull over and take his medicine like a big boy, but Frydberg decided to rifle off bizarre requests and out of touch claims.

“Call my mom, call my mom,” he said at one point. “Please call my mom.”

“Donald Trump is a close friend of mine. We made a deal,” he pleaded.

That didn’t work, so Frydberg dove deeper down the rabbit hole.

“It wasn’t his fault, it was the Jews who f***ed me, not Donald Trump, it was the Jewish community,” he added.

The dispatcher didn’t provide a sympathetic ear, but Frydberg kept digging.

“My mom called me and said she was in a car accident in Homestead,” he claimed. “My flesh and blood was in a car accident and I have to stop and help you.”

He was eventually pulled over and arrested, and he’s in a world of trouble. Charges include aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer with violence, tampering with evidence, and possession of marijuana.

Frydberg has been jailed on $99,500. Curiously, one of his social media profiles list him as an apprentice and executive assistant to the CEO at Trump Financial in Miami.

We’re going to go out on a limb and assume that title is a product of his imagination. If not, it sounds like there’s a certain employer in Miami that may want to be more proactive on drug testing employees.

Source: HuffPost
Photos: YouTube, Aric Frydberg/Facebook, The White House, Aric Frydberg/Twitter

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