Man Abducted By Three Women And Raped - It Gets Worse

A man in South Africa is mortified and traumatized by a recent experience. The unnamed man said some ladies kidnapped him, forced him to ejaculate and made off with his semen in a cooler. He's not the only victim; it's a growing trend in Africa.

According to reports, three women stopped and pretended to need directions. A man came to their assistance when one of the ladies pulled out a gun and ordered him to get into their black BMW.

The trio drove the man more than 300 miles away. They forced him to drink an 'unknown substance' to get him aroused, then fondled him until he ejaculated. He says they collected his semen in a plastic bag and put it in a cooler.

When the women were done with him, they threw him out of the car. The man went for help.

"This is really confusing to us because we have never heard of such a thing before. The man was fully conscious throughout his ordeal and he is still traumatized," said a police constable.

The same exact thing has happened to men in Gauteng, though authorities don't know if it's the same women. So far, no arrests have been made.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: 123RF

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