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The Love Of A Lifetime: Man Takes Late Wife's Picture to Visit Special Their Spot Every Day

Divorce seems so common now-a-days, it's almost more surprising to find a couple who managed to stay together than it is to hear about couple's splitting up. For some people, though, love can last a lifetime.

Even when one partner passes, the love doesn't die. The remaining partner keeps it alive in some way.

A restaurant owner in Italy found someone keeping love alive. He noticed an elderly gentleman visiting the same spot by a small beach in the oceanfront town of Gaeta, Italy every day.

The man always brought with him a framed photo. Giorgio Moffa, the owner of the restaurant, became more and more curious.

Moffa posted Moffa a photo of the elderly man on Instagram. He sits on a low retaining wall and is gazing out over the ocean. Next to him, he holds his arm around a framed photo.

Moffa began to suspect that whoever is in the photo meant a great deal to the man.

"It's days like this. I don't know this beautiful person I just know that his was definitely a great love I saw him cry and I think men like that no longer exist a strong hug dear friend you are a great man," he wrote.

Moffa finally approached and befriended the man. As it turns out, Moffa was right. The photo is a picture of the man's late wife.

The man, known only as Giuseppe, goes to the spot every morning because it is where he and his late wife first began their lives together. Giuseppe, now 72 years old, is a widower. The couple had a long life together and raised three children. His wife died of an illness seven years ago, but he will never forget his first love.

“Giuseppe told me that the reason he visits this location is that a long time ago, they spent many good times together at the small beach nearby,” Moffa said. “They were each other’s first love and they got married. It was truly a lifetime of love.”

“When he goes to a place where he has been to with his wife, he always brings her picture with him," Moffa added.

Giuseppe sits with the picture next to him, his arm around it, as if he has his arm around his life-long sweetheart.

Moffa was surprised when the picture got thousands of shares, and when comments began pouring in. It seems that hundreds of other people were touched by Giuseppe’s story.

“Beautiful. They are romantic people,” wrote one person.

"Eternal love, born of the soul, how long they would share their life and even in the beyond they will share it. She has not died she lives in the memory of her husband," said another poetically.

“This. I think it was true love, good life,” wrote one.

“That is true love. Somebody, an old man, who also lost his wife told me: I love her forever since I saw her there was no one like her. There are those who want [love], get used to [a relationship] and believe that it is love. But for others, nobody can take the place of their love in life or after,” another wrote.

Source: HuffPost
Photos: Giorgio Moffa/Facebook, Ern/Wikimedia

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