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Liberal Doctor Penalized For 'Taking A Knee' And Social Media Activism

A vocally liberal doctor who loves to post controversial things on social media has gotten a lot of criticism, and has been penalized by the hospital in which he works.

The doctor actively fights what he sees as 'white supremacy', but some argue that the Asian-American doctor is the real racist. The hospital says any disciplinary action they've taken against him has been for his performance, not his political views.

Dr. Eugene Gu has garnered both criticism and praise for joining in former football player Colin Kaepernick's 'take a knee' protest. The doctor posted a photo of himself at work on one knee.
"I'm an Asian-American doctor and today I #TakeTheKnee to fight white supremacy," his post read.

Gu also got a lot of attention when he filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump for blocking him on Twitter. In 2016, the doctor successfully implanted a human heart and kidney from a human fetus into a rat, and he was subpoenaed by Congress.

He also got into a scuffle with the mother of a patient because she believed the doctor was racist and refused to let him treat her son.

The doctor is no stranger to controversy, but the third year resident at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee says the hospital is picking on him over his controversial views. He told BuzzFeed that since his social media posts began going viral, 'a whole avalanche' of punitive actions have been taken against him and his practice.

Gu says he first got a warning from the medical center because they were unhappy with his social media usage. In November, he was placed on administrative leave when the hospital was conducting an internal investigation.

Gu had reported he was physically assaulted on hospital grounds, and the hospital claims that the leave was for Gu's 'personal safety', though Gu insists that he was in no physical danger after the assault.

Gu then got news from VUMC saying that he was being placed on probation. The hospital claims that their investigation found he was 'misleading' in his report on the assault and in his comments about it shared on social media. He will remain on probation until March.

The assault was supposedly the result of the mother who wouldn't let him treat her son. Gu says the mother 'angrily confronted' him.

The mother claims she was several feet away from him with several other doctors in the room. When she recognized his name, she says she told him 'he needed to leave'.

"Not because he's Asian, but because he's using his time at work to further his agenda," the mother said in a social media post.

"We actually had 3 other races in the room at the time. Vanderbilt is a diverse hospital with many ethnic groups and races," she continued.

"In all the times we've been here I've never seen or heard someone being called out about race. Now I'm terrified he's going to do something to Skyler's chart!"

Gu thinks it's her fault that he's been getting a backlash at work. "The mother thinks I'm racist toward white people," he said. "She wrote emails to the chairman and publicly posted that on Facebook. I think that's the primary reason I was placed on leave."

Representatives for VUMC say that it's Gu's performance, and not complaints by the mother, that resulted in him being placed on probation.

"All of VUMC's actions relating to Dr. Gu's progress as a surgery resident have been and will continue to be based on his performance and his adherence to VUMC policies," said communication's officer John Howser.

"Dr. Gu has never been told that he must change his political views...He has been advised of the need to adhere to VUMC's social media policy, which requires that persons who are identified as representatives of VUMC clearly state their views are their own."

Source: Buzzfeed
Photo: Twitter, Youtube

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