At Least Two People Land In Hospital After Eating Strawberries with Needles Hidden Inside

People in Australia are alarmed over tainted strawberries showing up across the country. An unknown person or persons have been inserting small sewing needles into the red, juicy fruits.

The fruits were then purchased by unsuspecting customers. At least two people have had to go to the hospital over the incident.

So far, eleven people have come forward to report that they found the sewing needles inside their berries. They say that the needles are small and thin, and are so deeply buried inside the fruit that they were imperceptible.

Two people have gone to the hospital with abdominal pain after consuming tainted berries.

It's unclear what the source of the tainted fruit might be. The berries have been found in stores in six states. Authorities are worried that there may be more out there.

Thankfully, most people found the needles before swallowing them. The first case reported was by a man who said his friend accidentally swallowed one of the needles while snacking on the fruit.

"He bites through a strawberry and swallows half a sewing needle. We then checked the other strawberries and found another sewing needle lodged inside one of them," wrote Joshua Gane on Facebook. "We are now at the ER [emergency room] because he subsequently started experiencing severe abdominal pain."

Another 21-year-old victim in the hospital had abdominal pain after swallowing a needle. "I bit straight in — kneejerk reaction was to swallow — and yeah, it wasn't a pleasant surprise," he said to the local Nine News.

After the news got out, people began checking the fruit they bought, and more reports came in about people finding pins.

"This one, we found 3 pins inside 3 strawberries. Please be careful and crush them up before eating or just chuck them out," advised one woman on Facebook who thankfully checked her fruit.

Authorities are investigating. At first, Queensland Strawberry Growers Association feared that a disgruntled former employee may be behind the incidents.

But now that pins have been found in so many other states, it is unclear just who might be behind the tainted fruit. Some think it might be some kind of commercial terrorist attack.

Police are currently interviewing witnesses and suspects, hoping to be led to the culprit. For now, they are warning people to stay vigilant when buying produce. Police are worried that other fruits and vegetables might be tampered with as well.

In the U.S. in the 1980s, there was a panic when several victims died after taking tainted Tylenol capsules. Soon after, a string of copy-cat crimes emerged with people tampering with other products.

The threat resulted in the entire Food and Drug industry changing packaging safety requirements to prevent tampering. The original Tylenol Killer was never found.

Also in the U.S., every year around Halloween, there are concerns about candy poisoning, including warnings about razors or pins being hidden in apples. For the most part, the stories are urban legends, however, there have been a handful of actual cases of this happening.

Most of the time, such incidents are traced back to a family member or friend, and it is not something found widespread being distributed to children on the holiday.

Source: Aol
Photos: SkyNews Screenshot, Facebook

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