Largest Heart Tumor On Record Removed From New York Man

There are some records you don’t want to set. Just ask 32-year-old New Yorker Jake Cohen. The third-generation Big Apple native had suffered worsening chest pains for a decade was determined to be carrying the largest heart tumor known to medical science.

Cohen explained in an interview with the media that doctors had pushed aside his complaints about chest pains for over three years until, finally, his blood pressure dropped extremely during a stress test.

An MRI showed a tumor bigger than a tennis ball lodged in his heart. The surgical team suggests the tumor could have been growing since before he was born.

A dangerous open-heart surgical procedure excised the extremely rare heart tumor earlier this summer. For many of the doctors at Columbia University Medical Center, Cohen’s cardiac tumor was the first time they had seen one in person.

In the interview, Cohen admitted he had a burning sensation and felt a heavy weight in his chest for years, and recently even a little exercise left him feeling nauseous and weak.

Cohen remarked: “I was never able to push myself athletically and run for a long period of time.”

After every visit to the doctor, they would just send him home with over-the-counter antacid medicine for heartburn.

“They told me it was heartburn or maybe high-blood pressure and that was it,” he explained.

Then, back in the early summer of this year, Cohen took a cardiac stress test that involved exercise on a treadmill while monitoring his heart rate, rhythm, and blood pressure.

Then, after just 12 minutes of jogging, the bottom dropped out of Cohen's blood pressure.

The ambulance transported him to the main hospital at the Columbia University Medical Center. An MRI then showed the huge tumor in his heart.

“Jake's tumor is the largest one I have ever seen,” remarked Dr Yoshifumi Naka, a surgeon at Columbia University Medical Center. “The tumor was inside the tumor capsule and then expanding, expanding, expanding.”

The cardiac tumor removed from Cohen was a primary tumor, meaning that the growth originated in his heart. Experts note that primary cardiac tumors are very rare, only seen in maybe one out of a 100,000 people.

Secondary (metastasized) tumors begin in another part of the body and end up growing in the heart, and are 30 to 40 times more common than primary tumors.

The good news is the growth turned out to be benign, but it grew so big it started to interfere with Cohen's heart function.

Cohen commented in the interview he feels much better now. “I'm able to exercise like a normal person my age, lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle,” he commented.

Of interest, a long-term medical study in Hong Kong performed 12,000 autopsies and discovered a mere seven primary heart tumors in the entire sample.

CUMC cardiologist Dr Thomas Cosola noted that he has only seen two cardiac tumors of any sort in his 17-year professional career.

Doctors say Cohen's prognosis is positive, and he should be able to run faster and longer than he ever could before after a few months of rehab.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube Screenshots

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