Kid Says America Sucks, Won't Stand For Pledge - Teacher Has Shocking Response

A woman is demanding answers after she says her son got into an argument with his teacher. When the teen was in Spanish class, the class stood for the 'Pledge of Allegiance', but the boy refused to stand or recite the salute to the flag.

His teacher forced him, and his mother doesn't think it's right.

Shemar Cooper, a student at Eisenhower High School in Illinois, refused to stand when his teacher told him to do so. He refused and responded, "America sucks."

The teacher talked to Cooper's mother, Kelley Porter, about the incident. The mother apologized for her son's disrespectful language but backed his decision not to stand for the pledge.

The family thought the case was closed. The next week when Cooper went back to Spanish class, the teacher again asked him to stand during the pledge.

Again he refused, and Cooper said the teacher then attempted to physically pull him out of his seat.

Ms. Porter reported the teacher to the Blue Island police and threatened to press charges against her. The mother says she supports her son's decision to make a statement by opting out of the pledge.

She says she's proud of her son for taking a stand - or a seat, as the case may be - against oppression and police violence.

"America doesn't respect blacks," Cooper told WGN. "Until they stop killing us, I'm not going to stand up."

"We don't hate America. It's the behaviors that are put out from some of the people towards black people that we disapprove of," Porter added.

Porter was asked if her son had any influence at all from former San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and the media attention he got for refusing to stand for the National Anthem. According to Ms. Porter, her family was completely unaware that there was a controversy.

The school backs Cooper as well for his decision to sit out the pledge.

"Eisenhower High School takes any allegations of violations of student’s rights seriously. We respect students’ First Amendment right to not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance," the school said in a statement.

Porter is hoping that the teacher will face disciplinary action for trying to violate Cooper's rights. She thinks she should be suspended.

The principal of Eisenhower High School says the incident is under investigation.

Not standing for the pledge or National Anthem has become something of a trend in the past year.

It started in pro sports, with Kaepernick being one of the first to get noticed for the silent protest. The football player got national attention, and even made it on the cover of Time Magazine.

Since then, a lot of other athletes began following Kaepernick's lead. Then school teachers and students began to jump on the bandwagon.

Courts have ruled that students cannot be forced to stand for or recite the pledge. The controversy continues, with no real end in sight.

Source: WGN
Photo: WGN Screenshot

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