Kellyanne Conway Posts Family Photo, People Can't Stop Noticing What's In The Background (Photos)

Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway was interviewed in her New Jersey home, and a photo of her fixing her daughter's hair made it to twitter. While there was nothing wrong with the photo, a framed photograph in the background at Conway's home caught the eye of some Twitter users. Hysteria ensued.

Franklin Leonard first spotted the 8-by-10 photograph sitting on an end table behind Conway in her home, and was so amused by it that he blew it up and retweeted it with the comment, "Um..."

The photo features Conway, with her hair all curled, donning a hooded cape as she gazes off into the distance. At first, people thought the cape was velvet, but it has since been confirmed that it's actually sheared beaver fur and fox trim. It looks as though Conway stopped at some suburban shopping mall and visited one of those ‘glamor shots’ places for an anniversary present for her husband.

Twitter users wondered what was up with that odd photo. Speculation abounded. Was Conway part of a satanic cult? Was she secretly a wizard? Is she live action role playing?

Twitter users immediately began making fun of the photo by comparing it side-by-side to other hooded figures: Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games, a witch from the Disney film 'Hocus Pocus', the grim reaper, and Anakin Skywalker after he had turned to the dark side.

It wouldn’t be the first time a photo of Conway raised eyebrows. When President Donald Trump met with leaders of historic black universities, Conway was caught kneeling on the sofa in the Oval Office. She claims she was just trying to get a better shot of the large crowd of people in the room. Some suggested she looked a bit too comfortable in such a formal setting and made lewd suggestions.

Conway’s quirkiness is a never-ending source of amusement, for both her supporters and her detractors.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Twitter

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