Judge Gives Sentence For Drunk Man Who Killed 5-Yr-Old, Courtroom Gasps

A man who got behind the wheel of a car after drinking tragically killed a five-year-old child. The child's family had hoped there would be justice, but the courts just let the family down. The man was sentenced to just 30 days in jail.

Myles Keller decided to risk his own life when he got behind the wheel of a car on May 24, 2016, and worse: he risked the lives of others. Keller admits to having three beers that day on an empty stomach. He was also in a hurry to get home. Instead of taking paved roads, he took a shortcut through unpaved residential roads with limited visibility.

The intoxicated driver’s risks didn’t pay off. He plowed his vehicle into Lukas Wharton, a 5-year-old boy who was playing in front of his family’s home, riding in a little toy wagon.

The driver stopped the car and emergency responders were called to the scene. Lukas was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries. The little boy died of his injuries eight days after the accident.

Keller’s blood-alcohol levels were at .69 just an hour after the accident. In August, he was arrested and charged for the crime officially.

The prosecutor, however, worried that there was 'no way to prove' vehicular homicide, and convinced the family not to fight for the more serious charge. They were told that if they did, it could end up prolonging justice, dragging out the case and appeals for years.

Keller copped an Alford Plea, a plea in which the guilty party admits there is evidence against him but is able to avoid more serious charges. The prosecutor requested a maximum of 90 days in jail, but Judge Kathy Wallace decided to shorten it to two 15-day sentences, which are to run consecutively. Keller will only be serving 30 days in jail.

"Clearly, you were impaired," the judge told Keller, according to the Post Bulletin. "You did the right thing, in that you stuck around afterward, but you were impaired."

"I don't doubt that you're a good person, but good people do make poor choices, and there are consequences for those choices," said Judge Wallace.

"This has been a very trying time for me, to say the least," Keller said in court. "I regret the circumstance that brings me here today. This is just a tragedy, a tragedy for everyone."

The little boy's family is devastated by the decision. Josh Wharton, his father, doesn't really believe Keller regrets causing his son's death. He thinks Keller is only sorry it happened to him.

"I wonder if I'll ever feel true happiness again," said Mr. Wharton to the Post Bulletin. "Lukas was a great kid. He loved his life ... I would do anything to hold my little boy again."

The prosecutor declined to comment. "Anything I can say pales in comparison to those who were impacted in this case," he said.

Source: NY Daily News
Photo: Handout, Facebook

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