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Jose Canseco Offers Up Thoughts On Sexual Misconduct - He Really Shouldn't Have Done That

Sometimes, it’s better to keep your mouth shut. In the world of social media, that can be translated to mean that sometimes it’s really best not to post each and every random thought that pops into your cranium.

That advice is regularly unheeded, and there are a countless number of examples out there at any point and time. Most folks will just filter out the noise, but that’s pretty tough to do when the person that’s posting bizarre things has at least a modicum of fame.

Former MLB player Jose Canseco falls into that category, and he recently had a whole lot to say about the topic of sexual misconduct. His posts really didn’t make anything resembling sense, and it remains incredibly unclear why he felt the need to offer up his unsolicited opinions.

Nonetheless, they were posted for all to see, and eyebrows have been raised by all that have seen his unnecessary contributions to the conversation.

As Fox News shares, Canseco posted what can best be described as strange ramblings about a topic that has been getting a ton of attention of late.

“Well I mean I've been beaten by women taken advantage of by women and molested by women I never complain but it was kind of a turn-on,” read one post.

“What is going on with all these politicians molesting women I've been molested by several women and never complained,” Canseco tweeted.

“I see the difference I guess cuz I was a good-looking guy and these politicians look like a bag of boogers,” he wrote.

“These women complaining against sexual misconduct are just racist against ugly men,” read another of gems.

His posts were concerning and bizarre - to say the least - and he may have some problems on his plate as a result. Former employers quickly distanced themselves from Canseco, and it may be awhile before he hears his phone ring for anything worthwhile on the employment front.

NBC Sports California doesn’t sound like it will have a need for his services anytime soon.

"Jose Canseco is no longer an employee with NBC Sports California. His agreement with us ended after the 2017 baseball season," a statement from the network said. "We certainly don't agree with his comments, which do not reflect the values of our network or our team partner."

During his career, Canseco spent a good deal of time with the Oakland A’s, and the club also felt the need to let the public know that the organization was as put off as everyone else is by what Canseco had to say. The team noted that his comments “were disappointing,” and that “his statements do not reflect the values of our organization.”

The fact that two organizations that no longer employ Canseco felt the need to quickly distance themselves from him in the wake of his rants tells you all you need to know about the current environment when it comes to chatter about sexual misconduct.

The environment is downright toxic, and it seems wise not to touch the topic with a ten-foot pole unless you absolutely have to. Even then, one needs to be awfully careful about not dining on their own foot. Perhaps Canseco’s foibles will serve as a warning for those that feel the need to espouse their ‘hot takes’ for no good reason.

Source: Fox News
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, YouTube, Twitter

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