Ivanka Receives Massive Backlash For What She Wore To White House Event

Another day, another round of senseless social media attacks leveled against Ivanka Trump. Ever since her father announced he was running for president, Ivanka has found herself with a gigantic bullseye on her back.

The anti-Trump detractors on social media just love targeting her about anything and everything, and absolutely no sense of boundaries is shown. Ivanka’s greatest offense to date is that she just happens to be the daughter of President Donald Trump.

As the Independent Journal Review shares, the social media trolls were at it once again last week, and this one just may take the cake in terms of ridiculousness. Ivanka posted a simple photo of herself and her children having a little family time at the Congressional Picnic.

“Family photo take #45 Lots of fun tonight at the Congressional Picnic,” she captioned the photo.

Ivanka was dressed perfectly appropriately for the occasion, as she was wearing a simple floral print dress. However, the fashion cops on social media disagreed.

“That dress is ridiculous,” shared one user.

“Your boobs are almost showing,” added another user.

There was nothing ridiculous or showy about the dress. It was a simple casual summer dress, and Ivanka wore it as well as she wears everything else. The trolls didn’t see it that way.

“It was a bit racy and she was looking for the cameras. Why the hell is she even in the white house? She's a 'fashion designer,'” chimed in another user.

“It is a beautiful dress, it was inappropriate for the function and she tried to upstage Melania,” shared one commenter.

Wow. So we are now to believe that Ivanka was specifically going out of her way to somehow upstage her mother-in-law? Exactly why would she do that? The trolls had an answer for that too.

“That dress is inappropriate for the function you wore it to. You try to compete with Melania for your dad's attention,” added another commenter.

Gotcha. So a random troll on social media has his or her pulse on the Trump family dynamic. That makes perfect sense. There has been an absolutely ridiculous amount of baseless speculation on some kind of ‘conflict’ between Ivanka and Melania. Really people? The Trump ladies are not the stars of some kind of ‘Real Housewives’ style show that’s chock full of manufactured drama.

While that’s what some people seem to believe constitutes real life interactions between all women, the reality is quite different. There are actually some women out there that aren’t out to manufacture as much drama as possible to keep themselves in the spotlight. Shocking, right?

Thankfully, Ivanka and Melania were able to keep their deep-seated hatred for each other under wraps at this event. However, we can expect them to be rolling around in the grass at a Rose Garden event someday soon, right?

That scenario is about as ridiculous as the trolls on social media continue to make themselves look. We get it. Ivanka is attractive, successful and powerful.

That’s too much for you to bear. Feel free to spend the remainder of your life sitting around stewing over that instead of actually accomplishing something. Perhaps you can do it without placing your hatred on display for all to see.

Source: Independent Journal Review, Metro
Photos: Ivanka Trump/Instagram, Twitter, Zimbio, E! Online

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