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Ivanka Hammered On Social Media Yet Again, This Time Over Father’s Day

We’ve learned a whole host of things since President Donald Trump took office, and some of the interesting ones revolve around his family members. We’re not talking about any of the various salacious reports making the rounds, but rather some insight into their character. For example, we’ve learned that Ivanka Trump is incredibly thick-skinned and remarkably resilient. How do we know that? Well, she keeps getting ripped to shreds on social media - and she has absolutely no problem coming back for more.

As Heavy shares, it doesn’t take too much to set off trolls in Ivanka’s direction. One of her business accounts would recently drop a promotional post about Father’s Day. The post was simple enough, as it was mentioning some gift ideas.

“Whether a football lover or a coffee aficionado, these picks will please every dad: #FathersDay #GiftGuide,” the post read.

The anti-Trump forces weren’t about to let this miscarriage of justice go unanswered. A whole slew of users went off, and they used the opportunity to share their thoughts about her father - as if there aren’t already enough thoughts of this sort floating around in the social media universe.

“@IvankaTrumpHQ What's a good gift for a dad who's heading to prison soon? Asking for a friend... #ComeyWeek,” shared one user.

“@IvankaTrumpHQ And what's @IvankaTrumpHQ getting her dad - 2 big scoops of ice cream and beautiful cake to soothe the #manbaby as he goes down in flames?” shared another.

Sounds like those users have never heard many of the old sayings about the wisdom of jumping to conclusions, but we’ll assume they’re just doing their best to stay topical. It appears as if the Trump prison narrative is quite popular these days, as a whole host of others expressed similar sentiments.

“@IvankaTrumpHQ We can buy both at very same stuff at most yard sales. what are you going to sell in prison?” added one user.

“@IvankaTrumpHQ Matching orange jumpsuits for father-in-law/son-in-law duos should for sure be on this list. #ComeyWeek#TrumpRussia,” added another.

While it remains unclear exactly what kind of crime POTUS may have committed, perhaps these users have some handy inside information they haven’t shared yet. Maybe that’ll come out the next time Ivanka posts on social media. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

As for Ivanka, it can’t be easy being verbally assaulted on a constant basis. Regardless of how you may feel about her or her father’s politics, no person deserves to be trolled and abused to such an extent for the sole purpose of making political statements.

To Ivanka’s credit, she continues to hold her head up high and not let it get her down. That’s an awesome example for anyone to follow, and those that feel the need to post hurtful things in her direction may want to take a step back for a second and reflect on that.

No matter what gets said about her, she still manages to carry herself with class and grace. It would be interesting to see if those with the loudest verbal flamethrowers would be able to do the same if the situation was reversed.

Source: Heavy
Photo: YouTube, Twitter

The tweet that started it all.

Users didn't respond well.

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