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Internet Goes Into A Frenzy Over Viral Photo Showing Six Friends - But Only Five Sets Of Legs

It doesn’t take all that much to send the internet into a small frenzy that subsides quickly, but it takes some doing to capture the attention of the masses in such a way that it becomes a veritable big thing that is discussed all over the place.

That’s what happened in this case, and it’s unclear which part is more fascinating: the fact that it was a simple pic that became a viral sensation, or exactly where in the heck are the legs of one of the women in the snap.

As AWM shares, the photo is a rather simple one of six female friends gathered around the couch. The girls look like they’re having quite the time, but closer examination leads us to believe there’s something amiss.

That’s not because of any unresolved drama among the group, but rather because one of the young ladies appears to be legless. Yes, that’s correct. There are six women in the photo, but only five sets of legs.

Once this was pointed out, the photo was shared with abandon. Everyone jumped into the pool to get to the bottom this riddle, and it turned into such a thing that it was deemed worthy of its own thread on Reddit.

Sleuthing users racked their brains to get to the bottom of it, and the debate exploded to the point that time was devoted to it on national television.

The gang on ‘Fox & Friends’ spent portions of two days examining it, and it wasn’t too long before they welcomed the ladies at the center of the ‘controversy’ on to explain themselves.

Anna Mantifel is the legless woman in the photo, but viewers would quickly see that she does, in fact, have both of her legs.

“Essentially we thought we were taking a girls’ picture down here at our friend’s house,” she explained. “When the picture was later posted to Facebook ... I commented, saying, ‘This is so weird. Where are my legs?’”

Kelly McCarthy is the woman seated next to her, and she was equally perplexed.

“Once we kind of figured out Anna’s legs were missing, it also kind of looked weird by me, too,” McCarthy said. “So it’s kind of confusing on this side of the couch in general.”

It’s confusing - to say the least. Hence, the non-stop debate over what the heck is going on here. So what gives? It appears to be nothing more than an optical illusion. The woman to the left of McCarthy is wearing black jeans, and she has her legs crossed over.

McCarthy is also wearing black jeans, but she has a rip at the knee. When seated side by side, it’s tough to make out McCarthy’s legs, and it makes it appear as if she doesn’t have any legs at all.

So it looks like the mystery has been solved on this one, but we’ll always have the memories of when the internet lost its collective mind over the girl with the missing legs.

Source: AWM
Photo: YouTube

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