Internet Is Buzzing About Party City's New 'Ghosting' Halloween Costume

A new costume available at Party City has some laughing, but for others it just brings up some bad memories. The costume is called 'Womens Ghosted Costume', but it doesn't have anything to do with the supernatural. It is something many people have done, or have had done to them.

Ghosting is not a new term, but in recent times it has been used in a new way. According to, ghosting is 'the practice of suddenly ending all contact with a person without explanation, especially in a romantic relationship'.

In other words, one day you are chatting, texting and possibly hanging out with a person, thinking things are going well, and the next day-- poof! They have disappeared from your life, like a ghost.

Ghosting is nothing really new. People too chicken to tell someone they're not really interested, or to break up with someone they've been dating, have been doing it for ages. People could make up excuses back then and assume that lack of contact was not a snub, but an unfortunate mistake.

Maybe he wasn't answering his phone because he was working. Maybe she didn't get the message. Maybe he lost her phone number and doesn't know how to contact her.

In the days of social media, however, it seems more common because we are all constantly connected to each other. If you have been texting with someone every day, tagging each other with posts and Facetiming every night, then all of a sudden one person just stops responding to you, it doesn't take long for you to realize that the snub was deliberate.

Party City's 'Womens Ghosted Costume', which retails for $24.99, is described on their website as 'a hooded white dress designed to look like a ghost with a series of unanswered texts on the front.'

That 'series of unanswered texts' are blue text message bubbles. "See u tonight?" the first says.

Beneath that, "???," "R U OK!?," "Hello!," and finally, "Guess not!"

“Eager texters will know not to bother you in this Ghosted Costume,” the description reads, implying the person in the ghost costume is the one 'ghosting' the other person.

Some have wondered why Party City thinks that only women are ghosting men, and are asking why there is not a male version of the costume.

Party City wasn't the first to come up with the idea. Last year, Ohio State professor Claire Kamp Dush got a lot of attention when she tweeted a picture of herself in her own home-made ghosting costume. She, too, wore white and had blue bubble messages asking things like, "Are you there?"

"My students loved my costume today!" the professor tweeted.

People on Twitter seemed to get a real kick out of the Party City version as well.

"I’m f--king crying they made being ghosted into a costume," one person wrote.

"They made being GHOSTed a costume for people who can’t find a BOO," wrote another.

These people have probably done some ghosting in their time.

Some people, probably furious at having been ghosted themselves, failed to see the humor in the costume.

"Ok f--k Party City for this," wrote one individual.

Another person sent the ad for the ghosting costume to the person who ghosted them.

"Sent this to the person that's ghosting me and they didn't reply lmaooo," the person tweeted.

This is the scariest type of ghost yet for Halloween.

Source: Daily Dot/a>
Photos: Party City, Twitter

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