Insensitive Parents Make Horrible Comment To Their Military Son - Don’t Realize Their Mistake Until It’s Too Late

This sad story is considered an internet 'urban legend', but it certainly drives a powerful message home to all of us. It's important for us to accept one another, and to help one another whenever we can.

The story tells of a soldier finally coming home from the war. He calls his parents to tell them about his discharged, and they're delighted.

"I have a favor to ask," the son said to his parents. "I have a friend I want to bring home with me."

The parents said they'd love to meet another veteran, but the son went on. "He was badly hurt when he stepped on a land mine. He lost an arm and a leg. Would you mind if he came to live with us?"

The parents began hemming and hawing. "We could certainly try to help him find a place to live," said the mother.

"I want him to live with us," the son said. "he has nowhere else to go."

"I don't know about that, son," said the father. "A handicapped person like that can be a terrible burden. This can really interfere with our lives. You shouldn't bring your friend here, it wouldn't work out."

The son hung up the phone. The parents thought he was just upset and that he would get over it, but days passed and the young man didn't call back.

Finally, the parents got a call from authorities. Their son committed suicide.

The parents went to the morgue to identify their son's body, but they were shocked and dismayed by what they saw. He had only one leg and one arm.

According to the boy's records, he lost them after stepping on a land mine in the war.

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