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If You Have One Of These Cell Phones, Get Rid Of It Immediately - You Could Be In Danger Of Radiation

If you told someone 20 years ago that they would one day be walking around constantly using their phone, they would probably have laughed at you. Who expected a phone would ever be so much more than a phone, though? These tiny devices not only allow us to place calls, send notes and letters, but we can use them to find directions, pay bills, play games, listen to music, watch movies, find out the news, weather and traffic reports. It's like something out of Star Trek.

In a perfect world, we would be able to enjoy the convenience of our phones without any consequences. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world. As it turns out, the cell phones we love may have hidden dangers.

Cell phones radiate a low-frequency, low-energy electromagnetic radiation. This radiation may have hidden health risks. It's been suggested that this radiation can interfere with the way your body metabolizes glucose, a higher concentration of free radicals, headaches, brain cloud, ADD/ADHD, and some speculate it even increases your risk for cancer.

There are ways to reduce your risk. For one thing, stop carrying your phone directly on your body; the radiation continues even when the phone is not in use. If you must carry it in a pocket or on your belt, shut it off.

When you're in places with bad reception, keep the phone off. The radiation increases as the phone tries to get a signal.

Hold the phone at least six inches away from you when talking. When the phones are in use, the radiation increases, and a six-inch radius is the 'hot zone' where the radiation is at its worst. It's better to use a headset, speakers or even speakerphone mode.

Finally, don’t let your children play with your phone. Kids are much more susceptible to the radiation than adults are.

The phones listed below are considered dangerous because of their high numbers, based on their SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) - rated by the FCC. An SAR of 1.6 watts is the maximum for the phone to be cleared for use. If the SAR is close to 1.6 you probably want to avoid using it as much as possible.

1. Motorola Droid Maxx – SAR 1.54
2. Motorola Droid Ultra – SAR 1.54
3. Motorola Moto E – SAR 1.5 (3)
4. Alcatel One Touch Evolve – SAR 1.49
5. Huawei Vitria – SAR 1.49
6. Kyocera Hydro Edge – SAR 1.48
7. Kyocera Kona – SAR 1.45
8. Kyocera Hydro XTRM – SAR 1.44
9. BlackBerry Z10 – SAR 1.42
10. BlackBerry Z30 – SAR 1.41

Source: The Hearty Soul
Photo: The Hearty Soul

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