Hotel Guests Get Revenge After Realizing What Was Going On In The Room Next Door (Video)

Security cameras captured angry hotel guests kicking down a hotel room door and beating a man late at night because he was making loud noise having sex and disturbing them.

From the video, it appears one guest (identified as a businessman named Zhang) led a gang of colleagues in breaking into the room of another guest at a hotel in Behai, China. The attack apparently occurred after Zhang and several colleagues checked into the hotel to sleep before a big meeting the next day, based on local media reports.

Zhang says he was woken up by a couple having sex loudly in the room next door, and it went on for more than an hour. He then went into the hallway to ask the couple to quiet down. However, the other man became angry and cursed back at Zhang.

The video shows several of Zhang's colleagues in the hallway outside the door where the argument is happening.

Zhang then kicked down the door to the hotel room. He went in and dragged out a man named Lei Mou while hitting him. Lei Mou lost his shirt in the incident. The video from the hotel lobby shows the crowd beating the man for a couple of minutes before police came and broke up the disturbance.

As is often the case in China, Zhang admitted that he had over-reacted in starting the fight, and agreed to pay Lei Mou 15,000 yuan to settle the legal dispute.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: MailOnline

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