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Horrifying Scan Reveals Man's Body is Riddled with Worms For One Reason

A Chinese man was suffering from itchy skin and a stomach ache, so he made an appointment to see a doctor. He was sent for scans to see if there was a problem, and the doctor could not believe what the results of the tests revealed.

The man's entire body was infested with worms.

It turns out, the man was a huge fan of sashimi, a type of sushi made of thin slices of fresh raw fish. Sashimi is a Japanese delicacy, and sushi has gained a lot of traction throughout China in recent years. With the popularity growing, so has availability.

Sometimes, however, sources of the raw seafood can be questionable, especially in poorer areas where cheaper products are used and poor sanitary conditions can lead to cross-contamination. Because the fish isn't cooked, it's very easy for meat contaminated with parasites to be served up to customers by accident.

Unsuspecting diners might not be able to detect the tiny worm eggs hidden deep in the slices of fish flesh.

The man who was treated at the Guangzhou No. 8 Peoples Hospital in the Guandong Province, had probably been eating fish contaminated with diphyllobothrium (tapeworm) larvae, the larvae of a worm found in freshwater fish like salmon.

The larvae, when digested, transfers into the human host's flesh. There, it grows and thrives off of whatever the human consumes.

Tapeworms can grow quickly in the human intestines, and may reach varying lengths. They can be barley 1/250 of an inch long, or grow up to an astounding 50 feet long. They can go undetected for months, and survive for years.

The longer they live, the more of their own eggs will be released to infect the human host. It only takes one worm-- they're hermaphrodites, meaning they have both male and female reproductive organs. They don't need a partner to mate and produce offspring.

Symptoms of tapeworm infection include fatigue, constipation and abdominal discomfort. Mostly the symptoms are mild, so people tend to ignore them at first. Sometimes, parts of worms that break off can be spotted in an infected person's stool, or felt coming out during a bowel movement.

One sushi lover in the US rushed to the hospital when he felt something hanging out of him after a bowel movement and thought it was part of his intestines.

Tapeworms shouldn't be ignored, though. As the infestation spreads, the worms can reach other organs, such as the liver, eyes, heart and brain. As the tapeworms feast upon these organs it can result in serious, even life-threatening, conditions.

Dr. Yin, one of the doctors at the hospital, told that any uncooked foods can result in consumption of tapeworm eggs. Due to the widespread popularity of raw foods in general, cases of tapeworm infections are on the rise, even in North America.

"The widespread popularity of Japanese sushi and sashimi (slices of raw fish) is a contributor," said Nancy Craig, the author of a study published in the Canadian Family Physician journal.

"But other popular dishes might also be implicated, such as raw salted or marinated fillets - which originate from Baltic and Scandinavian countries - carpaccio - very thin slices of raw fish common in Italy, raw salmon and ceviche - lightly marinated fish."

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Relay Hero, Atlas Obscura, Medical Daily, Alpha- Flickr

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