Homeowner's Honest 'For Sale' Sign Has Everyone But Neighbors Laughing

Usually when someone is attempting to sell a house, they seek to embellish to make the place sound as ideal as possible.

If it's small, they'll say the house is 'cozy'. If it's all ripped up inside, they'll say it's got 'great potential'. One homeowner decided not to mince words.

He wrote why he's selling right on his 'For Sale' sign. He says his neighbor is an 'A--hole'.

Kane Blake, a Canadian homeowner, has raised truth in advertising to a whole new level. He put out a sign to advertise that his home is for sale in his Kelowna neighborhood.

"Home for Sale, by Owner, Because Neighbor is an A--hole," the sign reads.

The local community is mostly not happy about the sign, though some say they can't disagree. The neighbor, who is in his 60's, has been harassing the family since they first moved into the house about five years ago.

The feud between the neighbors has gotten so bad that the family feels like they can’t even let their kids out to play without worrying that their neighbor might do something.  

"He's just targeted them, he's accused them of all kinds of things which just aren't true," said Sandra Ainsley, one neighbor, who feels for the Blake family.

"I think it's a great sign to be honest because it actually discloses to anyone who wants to buy this home that there's a problem in this neighborhood with this one person," said Blake's mother-in-law, Sharon Gaudry to Global News.

"One of the grandchildren rides his bike to school. We're not allowing him to ride his bike to school anymore because we are in fear," she continued.

According to Blake, his neighbor accused him of smuggling drugs and a variety of other crimes. The neighbor has complained about community bylaw offenses and has caused numerous problems for the family.

The home-owner made the sign himself and set it out for all to see. Other neighbors are wondering where law enforcement is and why they haven't ordered the family to take the sign down yet.

"It was unbelievable. I couldn't understand why the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was not here forcing him to take it down immediately," said a neighbor who thought the language on the sign went too far. "There’s five schools in the area here, and that’s something kids should not be subjected to. What does that teach the kids?”

If you're thinking that's no way to try and unload a house, you might be wrong. Blake has already received four offers for his home.

It looks like anything that gets attention when it comes to advertising can really pay off in the long run.

Blake is not the first person to have taken this route. Apparently a couple in New Jersey had a similar 'For Sale' sign on their lawn after a dispute with the people next door.

Another woman in Oregon sold her house with an advertisement that offered a little too much information. "Husband left us for a 22 year old... House For Sale by (scorned, slightly bitter, newly single) Owner,” it read.

"We loved this home. You will, too. Adulterers need not apply," it added.

Source: IB Times
Photo: IB Times

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