Home Surveillance System Captures Landlord Pleasuring Himself On Tenant's Clothes

There are bad landlords, and then there are abhorrent creeps of landlords that are in need of vast amounts of counseling. It sounds like 67-year-old Thomas Fallon falls into the latter category.

He was captured by a surveillance camera in a tenant’s apartment doing something that can be best described as revolting. As the Huffington Post shares, Fallon has been charged with felony counts of burglary and criminal trespass, and one count of criminal mischief.

So what did he do? Fallon was caught on camera masturbating into the clothing of one of his tenants. Yes, seriously. The unidentified tenant had installed cameras in the bedroom of her apartment, as she had a sneaking suspicion that someone was “going through her personal effects, specifically her clothing.” Her instincts proved to be correct.

She would receive a notification that the cameras detected movement, and she was undoubtedly shocked by what she saw.

The woman would immediately contact the police, and she wasted no time in filing a criminal complaint.

“After sensing motion, the camera took a series of still images which captures the source. The victim reviewed the photos and observed the offender in her bedroom in a state of undress. The victim contacted the police immediately,” the complaint reads in part. “The images show that Fallon had his penis exposed and was masturbating into the victim’s soiled clothing which she wore yesterday.

The offender was positively identified as the victim has had numerous dealings with her landlord in the past and his face is captured clearly on the images.”

Sounds like a pretty cut and dry case of someone being caught red-handed - so to speak - no? It certainly does, but Fallon still tried to play it off as if he was innocent and aghast at being accused of such things.

“The offender arrived to the police department for a voluntary interview regarding this matter. He acknowledged that he entered the victim’s apartment this morning without giving her notice but advised that he was present to fix a hot water heater,” the complaint continues.

“He told me several times that he had no legitimate reason to be in the victim’s bedroom and insisted that he did not enter the bedroom. I presented the photos of him pleasuring himself onto the victim’s clothing and he terminated the interview.”

We can only imagine that Fallon terminated the interview because he became overwhelmed with a desire to go hide underneath a rock. His wish will go unheeded, and he will now have to face the music for his repulsive actions.

Based on the fact that the victim felt the need to install cameras because she suspected that someone was violating her personal space, it’s not a stretch to say that this was not the only time he had treated his body like an amusement park in his tenant’s bedroom.

We’ll have to wait and see if anything else comes out during the investigation, but it sounds like Fallon has some large problems on his hands regardless.

Source: HuffPost
Photo: KDKA

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