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High School Football Player Learns That One Inappropriate Post Can Wreck Lives

While social media is chock full of benefits, there’s also a whole lot of perils that go along with always being connected. Today’s sharing culture leads to all kinds of things flying around in a bid for clicks likes, and there are far too many instances of people not following some incredibly simple advice: think before you post.

While that wouldn’t rid the world of social media from everything of an inappropriate nature, it would certainly help to crack down on a remarkable number of completely avoidable instances.

As Yahoo shares, 16-year-old Ben Slaton, a junior at Plainfield High School in Indiana, is still coming to terms with the consequences of his actions, and it all stemmed from a post on social media. Slaton would take an upskirt photo of one of his teachers, and he would share it with his friends on Snapchat.

As often happens when things are shared in school, it quickly spread like wildfire, and it was brought to the attention of school administrators. Slaton was in the principal’s office before too long, and he was being escorted to the police station soon thereafter.

He was initially suspended from school, but then the decision was handed down that he had been expelled. Prior to the incident, Slaton was a football player that had his eyes on playing college ball, and his record was clean.

None of that mattered. He crossed the line, and he had to pay for it. His father, Damon Slaton, offered up some insight on things. To his credit, he’s holding his son completely accountable for his actions.

“By no means is what he did acceptable. He set the entire chain of events in motion. He broke my rule by having a cellphone in school. He made another conscious decision to take a picture in class – an inappropriate picture. It was,” he said. “And then he made the conscious decision to share that picture with three other people.”

Ben has transferred to another school, and assistant principal Brent Schwanekamp would write a letter of support for him.

“Ben’s actions on that day earlier this semester are unfortunate, and he has received many consequences from the school academically and athletically,” he said. “He had not had previous discipline of any magnitude, and this behavior was out of character for this young man that I have known since he was in elementary school. It is clear that Ben showed terrible judgement on that day, but he has demonstrated remorse and is hopeful for forgiveness.”

As Ben explains, he can’t go backwards, but he can certainly go forward and ensure he learns from the experience.

“I can’t look at it like that,” Ben said. “Now I have to look at it like, ‘What am I going to do from it?’”

To be clear, Ben is far from a victim here. He made an incredibly bad choice, and he altered not only his own life as a result, but that of his family and the teacher that he mortified. This unfortunate incident should serve as a cautionary tale for not only students, but the rest of the users on social media.

Think before you post. The reputation you save may very well be your own. The world can wait a few minutes before seeing what you have to share or say.

Source: Yahoo
Photo: Wikipedia, IndyStar, VictoryViews, YouTube

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