He Just Married 17-Year-Old Bride, Kills Her The Same Night For One Sick Reason

Sadly, barbaric practices like genital mutilation, ideological indoctrination, and honor killing are still prevalent across many parts of the world. A recent report has highlighted the enormous number of women that are killed in Pakistan every year. In a recent horrifying case, a 17-year-old girl, Khanzadi Lashari, has been found dead in her home in Jacobabad, Pakistan. The young girl was discovered the night after marrying her cousin, Qalandar Bux Khokhar. Police are searching for Mr. Khokar who is currently under investigation for Khanzadi’s death after autopsy reports indicated that she was strangled.

Another piece of disturbing evidence that has been brought before the authorities is the testimony of Ali Sher Lashari, Khanzadi’s brother, who alleges that his sister’s husband and his brothers are responsible for his sibling’s death. At this stage of the investigation, nothing definitive has been confirmed but after photos of the deceased young girl surfaced online, a heated debate was ignited across the internet. Several online commentators have theorized that Khanzadi may have been killed by her husband on the wedding night if the young bride was found to have previously lost her virginity, thereby ‘shaming’ her husband.

The horrific incident received international attention after the left-wing and socialist Pakistan People’s Party released a statement concerning Khanzadi’s death, emphasizing that there should be "be zero tolerance to culprits involved in these inhuman acts" with the party chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, informing the media that both himself and his party “won’t tolerate the killing of innocent and helpless women in the name of so-called honor and those involved in such heinous crimes won’t be spared by the law.”

The evolving situation will likely become clearer following the police investigation into Khanzadi’s death and questioning of her missing husband. In Pakistan alone, 1100 women are killed by ‘shamed’ relatives every year and this incident has highlighted that even in relatively developed countries, there remains a horrifying lack of awareness, concern and justice when it comes to violence against women.

Source: Independent
Photo: America Now

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