Groom Sees His Bride For The First Time Without Makeup - Asks For A Divorce

A couple of newlyweds planned a honeymoon on the beach. The happy bride jumped into the water and her make-up began to wash away. The groom was so startled by his new wife's appearance without make-up that he divorced her.

Dr. Abdul Aziz Asaf, consultant psychologist in a clinic in the Middle East, says his facility got a call from a distressed woman seeking counseling. Her identity has not been revealed, but the woman was devastated after her husband left her just hours after the wedding. She says he left because he thought she looked ugly without make-up.

The Arab couple went to Al Mamzar Beach after the wedding, and the bride jumped in. Some of her cosmetics began to wash away in the water. The 34-year-old groom had never seen his 28-year-old wife without makeup and false eyelashes before. He couldn't even recognize her, according to 'Gulf News'.

The woman told Dr. Asaf that she meant to tell him the truth about her looks during their six-month engagement, but never got around to it. Feeling deceived, the groom refused to reconcile or have anything to do with the woman again.

So much for true love. After she gets over the shock, hopefully she'll realize she might have just dodged a bullet.

Source: Gulf News
Photo: 123RF

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