Groom is 35, but Bride is Only 11. This is What Happens When They Get Married

John and Lilly had a fairytale wedding. She had the perfect dress, he had the perfect tux. Their venue was filled with roses, ribbons, and their family and friends.

But the storybook scene comes to a screeching halt when you learn that Lilly is only 11-years-old and looks terrified as she clutches a teddy bear in her wedding gown. Her family looks on and encourages her marriage to a 35-year-old man, as images of decor with phrases like “She’s Mine” and “I Belong to Him” flash on the screen.

Unfortunately, this is what life is like for 15 million little girls around the world every single year. UNICEF and Bridal Musings partnered to create this eye-opening video that shows the how young female children are treated like property and basically sold into marriage.

“The sad truth is that a girl who is married as a child is more likely to be out of school, experience domestic violence, and become infected with HIV/AIDS. She is more likely to have children when she herself is still a child and is far more likely to die due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth.”

Please share this powerful video and spread awareness about child marriage.

Source: Little Things
Photo: YouTube Screenshot

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