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Great-Grandmother Evicted For Loud Arguments With Daughter

Evelyn Heller, 100, is a great-grandmother from Palm Desert who has two weeks to vacate her apartment. Her landlord, Deep Canyon Desert LLC, evicted her on Friday claiming she was too noisy fighting with her daughter.

The landlord claims that there were frequent and noisy verbal disputes between the great-grandmother and her daughter.

In addition, the centenarian was ordered "to pay $616 in prorated rent and more than $800 in court and attorney's fees." She had to be informed of what happened by a deputy because she was unable to hear the judge's ruling.

The newspaper quoted her as saying, "What?," "What kind of ridiculous thing is that?" "But I don't have any money."

William Windham who represented the landlord told the Desert Sun, "I've evicted people off of their death beds and regretted every second of the trial. But my job is unfortunately to set my feeling aside and do what my clients ask me to do."