Grandpa Was Reduced To Tears When He Saw What His Grandson Did To His Classic Car

One grandpa had a real love for cars, and always held on to his 1957 Chevy Bel Air. Even when the car got older and he couldn't get around to keeping up with it, he just didn't have the heart to sell it or trade it in, so it sat there rusting away.

For his 81st birthday, he was moved to tears when he saw that his grandson restored the old car.

Fred Lamar of Louisville, Kentucky had his Chevy for 61 years. He bought it when he was 28 years old and always loved the car.

Unfortunately, as the car aged it became impractical for the family man. He hadn't driven it since 1976, but he just couldn't bring himself to give it up.

Lamar passed on his love of cars to his grandson, Cam Dedman. As his grandfather's 81st birthday drew near, Dedman decided to give him a very special gift: his old beloved Chevy, like new again.

The family gathered for a party for Lamar when they announced there was a big surprise. Relatives and friends were all in on the big surprise that was in store for the octogenarian, and some flew in from other states because they didn’t want to miss the look on his face.

They brought him outside and had him stand by the curb. Then they put a blindfold on Lamar.

Lamar was getting very curious about what was going on. He realized something was up that had a lot of people very interested.

Unbeknownst to him, Dedman quietly rode up with the Chevy and parked it in front of his grandfather.

When Lamar took off his blindfold, he was stunned and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His loved ones had to steady him as he rocked on his feet.

The sight of his beautiful car restored to its former glory made him wobbly. He then burst into tears.

“Oh man it's beautiful,” he cried.

“I never think I’d see that car. Oh lordy, I love it.”

“I saw his real reaction and I couldn't help but tear up myself,” Dedman admitted. It was an emotional moment, then the crowd burst into applause and cheers.

The grandson did a spectacular job, and really transformed the old, decrepit car into a beautiful, shiny classic.

Lamar had a lot of wonderful memories of that old car of his, so seeing it again was like having an old friend.

"It means the world to me,” Lamar said, giving the car a kiss. “And I'm going to sleep in it.”

The elderly man said it was 'the best' birthday he ever had, and he's very grateful to his grandson.

Dedman was glad to do it, however. He says he's very close to his grandfather.

"My grandpa is my best friend. So he does everything with me," he said.

"I'd go to the races, we'd go drag racing all the time. That and he got me into cars when I was young,” he explained.

"I always said I'm going to pay him back one day and today's that day. I spent every day I could working on it,” Dedman added.

Source: Little Things, WDRB
Photo: WDRB

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