Grandma Dresses Like Witch To Terrorize Granddaughter, Now She's Going To Prison

For some children that are cared for by a particularly strict female guardian, the most appropriate word they can come up with to describe their caretaker is ‘witch.’ For this child in Oklahoma, it sounds like it was more than just a colorful way of describing the disturbed woman that was supposed to be taking care of her. As Yahoo reports, the woman has been sentenced to life in prison for abusing and terrorizing her seven-year-old granddaughter.

Back in 2014, Geneva Robinson attempted to have her granddaughter committed to Griffin Memorial Hospital in Norman, Oklahoma by claiming that she could no longer control her. That prompted a call to the authorities, and Robinson would find herself under investigation. It turns out that the child wasn’t the one that couldn’t control herself.

Investigators would find that Robinson was torturing and terrorizing the defenseless child. She removed the child from school and failed to provide her with food, and she would even make the poor girl sleep outside with the dogs. The girl would be abused and assaulted for good measure. Robinson thought nothing of burning the girl with cigarettes, beating her with a rolling pin or smacking her at will. It gets worse.

It was revealed that the deranged woman would actually paint her skin green and dress in all black to assume the persona of “Nelda the Witch.” While in this frame of mind, she would abuse the girl even further, and some revolting cell phone video was discovered that captured some of the abuse.

Robinson, now 51, has learned her fate. She has been sentenced to life behind bars on charges of child abuse and neglect. Her co-conspirator, 33-year-old boyfriend Joshua Granger, has been sentenced to 30 years for helping to commit the abuse. At the sentencing hearing, a letter from the girl was read aloud to the court.

“I love you. I forgive you. You’re the best grandmother I ever had,” the note read in part.

Source: Yahoo!
Photo: Yahoo!

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