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Good Samaritan In Phoenix Says He Felt "Compelled" To Help Family With Flat Tire

The holiday season often brings out the best in people. People are so busy and self-focused most of the time that they can’t see beyond their own immediate plans, but the holidays are different.

Somehow no matter how busy you are, during the holidays caring folks can always make some time to help out others. One recent case in point involves a Phoenix man named David McIntyre.

It seems that McIntyre was on his way to do some Christmas shopping just a few days before the big day last year when he saw an old beat up minivan with a flat tire sitting along the side of the highway. McIntyre, of course, could have kept on driving by like everybody else, and just assume that the family had called a tow truck, but, as he explains in a Facebook post, somehow, in this case, he felt “strongly compelled” to intervene.

“As I approached the minivan I noticed it was a family with two small children and the van was completely packed to the roof,” McIntyre noted in his FB post.

When he stopped and spoke to the man standing outside of the minivan, it turned out that the vehicle was packed to the gills and the owner could not reach his spare tire.

He shrugged his shoulders and said he had hoped somebody would stop and help, and, of course, as fate would have it that somebody turned out to be McIntyre.

“(A)s I pulled my equipment out of my Jeep he explained he had lost his job and was traveling to New Mexico to live with family,” he commented in his Facebook post.

“He also explained he had no money to give me and I told him I’m not stopping to make money but just to help.”

Unfortunately, McIntyre accidentally scratched his hand in the process of putting his spare tire on the minivan, but it was only minor.

Once they were back on the road, he told the family to follow him to a nearby Discount Tire, where the team started to replace the minivan’s tire.

“I could tell he was very worried how much it was going to cost as he discussed it with his wife,” McIntyre explained in his post.

“He was a very polite man and once again that voice inside me guided me.”

McIntyre said that a voice in his head convinced him that the right thing to do was to pull the store’s manager aside and cover the costs for the new tire for the minivan.

The funny part was that as soon as McIntyre made his offer, the manager of the Discount Tire flashed a knowing smile and told a surprised McIntyre he had no intention of charging the family for the new tire or the installation.

Once he was reassured that the situation was going to end on a positive note, McIntyre grabbed his spare tire, wished the family a Merry Christmas and went on his way.

“So, it only cost me an hour of my time and a little scrape but what I continue to feel in my heart today is worth my weight in gold,” McIntyre concluded his post.

Source: Mad World News, Conservative Tribune
Photo: David McIntyre/Facebook, YouTube

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