School Punished Girl For Wearing See-Through Shirt Without Bra - What Do You Think?

A teen was called into the office of her high school for a dress code violation. The teen was stunned to discover that the violation was given to her because a teacher complained that she was not wearing a bra. The teen launched a campaign to protest the school's policy, calling it discrimination.

Kaitlyn Juvik went almost her whole senior year without a bra. The teen had decided that bras are too restrictive and she opted not to wear them. That's why she was shocked when, just days before the end of the year, she was told not wearing a bra was a violation of the dress code.

“I was told that a male teacher had complained he was uncomfortable because I wasn’t wearing a bra, and I was told to find something to cover up with,” Juvik said.

The teen wore a black t-shirt with no cleavage showing, and even wore 'breast petals' to prevent her nipples from being detected through the shirt. She doesn't understand the problem. Juvik believes she was a victim of female body shaming.

“Boys always get the excuse about their hormones, that ‘boys will be boys,'” the teen later told People Magazine in an interview, “but instead, perhaps people should start teaching boys not to sexualize women’s bodies. Wearing a bra is a personal choice. It’s my body. Why is it anybody else’s business whether I’m wearing a bra, especially when I’m covered up and dressed appropriately?”

Women have been forced to endure bras for ages, and to this day it's seen as some kind of rebellious move to go without one. Many women have been convinced they need a bra for
'support', however studies show that without a bra, the chest muscles become stronger. Bras actually inhibit women from developing natural support, and they can interfere with the circulation.

Juvik checked the school dress code, and it didn't actually mention undergarments at all.

“What I was confronted about was wrong ... As long as nothing is showing and you’re covered up, girls should not have to wear a bra,” she said to MTN News.

Tami Juvik, the teen's mother, believes that the staff singled out her daughter, and she thinks it's wrong as well.

“She and several of her friends had gone braless all year and they always make sure they’re appropriately dressed,” she said. “The school has bigger fish to fry than whether my daughter is wearing a bra. I’m proud of Kaitlyn for standing up for herself and opening the door to start a discussion about the body shaming and sexualizing of women.”

Juvik started a Facebook page in protest, which she dubbed, "No Bra, No Problem."

To support the teen, her friends stage a protest. Hundreds of classmates showed up with bras strapped to the outside of their clothes one day, including the boys.

Juvik may have won the battle. “I’m not going to check student’s undergarments,” said the school principal. “We are going to ask them to dress appropriately and if we feel it is inappropriate, male or female, we are going to ask them to cover up.”

The now-18-year-old girl is hoping that other braless girls stand up for themselves and win the war.

Source: KRTV, People
Photo: MailOnline, Facebook via Diply, Sosten/Wikimedia

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