Girl Misses One Day Of School To Attend Her Mother’s Funeral - School Punishes Her

At the end of the school year, one little girl didn't make the cut for the special 100% attendance celebration. She had to sit out as her friends went off for the special treat. The little girl missed only one day all year, and her father thinks the school should have given her the reward. The only day she missed was so that she could attend her mother's funeral.

Maddie Stevens, 11, had a hard year. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer two years earlier. Shortly after the Christmas holiday break, her mother passed away. Maddie went to her mother's funeral but otherwise didn't miss a single day of school.

"She took only one day off to go the funeral, because we wanted to keep things as normal for her as we could," said her father, Andy Stevens.

When the end-of-the year party came, Maddie's friends were treated to a school trip to celebrate perfect attendance. Maddie would have loved to have joined them, and would have made perfect attendance had she not taken that one day to pay last respects to her mother.

“She got very upset when Gail passed away and at the funeral, but she’s just tried to get on with things," said Mr. Stevens. “And after all that, she gets this kick in the face.”

“Her school should be celebrating what she’s achieved, not saying, ‘You can’t come on the school outing because your mum died’,” the upset dad complained.

Due to complaints, St. Giles’ Junior School has withdrawn rewards for 100% attendance.

Source: Coventry Telegraph
Photo: Coventry Telegraph

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