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Men Who Gang Raped Teen Walk Free - So She Does The Unthinkable

A woman forced to endure a horrifying attack was made to suffer further when her attackers were set free. Failed by the system, she chose to take drastic action.

A teen from Morocco lit herself on fire and burned herself to death when she felt there was no way out of her problems. The teen had been traumatized after eight men gang-raped her.

After she reported them, the men were released on bail and bullied her over the internet, threatening to release a video of the attack.

The unnamed 17-year-old girl was raped at the end of last year in a village between Ben Geurir and Marrakech. Eight local thugs who were known for drug trafficking activity attacked the girl, and one of them filmed the incident on video.

All eight men were eventually arrested, including one of them who was also arrested on another charge. He'd been caught abusing a young boy.

The men weren't off the streets long, though. They made bail and were out.

As soon as the men were out of jail they began taunting and threatening their victim. They threatened to release the video of her attack online.

The woman, feeling helpless, doused herself with a flammable liquid and set herself on fire. She suffered from third-degree burns and died the next day in a hospital.

After her death, an autopsy showed that she was pregnant.

A member of a Marrakech-based human rights association said that an informant told him 'influential people' helped arrange for the quick release of the men, pending an ongoing criminal probe.

The men were allegedly trying to bully the girl to prevent her from cooperating with authorities.

After the teen died so tragically, authorities ordered the re-arrest of six of the suspects in her attack.

Morocco lawmakers have tried to provide more rights and protection for women. One such step was to abolish laws that said women raped by a man should be forced to marry him. The purpose of laws like these is to help prevent the family from suffering dishonor because their daughter is no longer a virgin.

Amina Filali, a 16-year-old girl who committed suicide after being forced by her family to wed her rapist last year, might have lived if such laws were abolished sooner.

Unfortunately, even with the laws changing, it’s not catching on as quickly with the culture. Sadly, men are still likely to get away with rape, or to suffer little consequence.

Their female victims, on the other hand, can be tried by the court of public opinion. Victims might be treated as though they are as guilty as their attackers.

In another recent incident, six teenagers on a bus gang-raped a mentally challenged girl. A video was released showing the men ripping the girl's clothes off and sexually assaulting her as they laughed.

Bus passengers watched the horrific event without intervening; some even cheered on the rapists.

“This is unbelievable! It looks like we’re living in the jungle now, because this is not sexual harassment, this is gang rape in a public space in front of everyone!” said Fouzia Assouli, head of the Moroccan Federation of the Democratic League of Women’s Rights.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube, MailOnline

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