Furious Dad Claims Anti-Trump Teacher Bullied Student In Spanish Class

A teacher in Indiana is in hot water after she bullied a student in her middle school class. The teacher, who has disdain for President Donald Trump, became annoyed when the student used a Fox News article in class.

She let her frustration influence her teaching and assignments. The child's father is furious.

Sarah Ford, a Spanish teacher at Blackhawk Middle School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has apologized to her class after letting her personal political point of view cloud her judgement in the classroom. The school says that she will be disciplined but declines to say how.

The father of one child wants serious action taken to show that the teacher's behavior was unacceptable.

It started when student Jacob Hein came in with his eight grade Spanish assignment. The assignment was to translate a news article for class, and Jacob chose an article from Fox News.

“She came up to him in class in front of everybody and said, ‘I noticed that you cited Fox News on your last article, and I want you to know that Fox News is fake news,’” complained Todd Hein on 'Fox & Friends' on Wednesday.

Mr. Hein says the teacher told Jacob that the media outlet was 'full of lies', and she told him that Jacob can't use Fox News as a source for assignments in Spanish class anymore.

“They don’t need to listen to that in a Spanish class, of all things,” said Mr. Hein on WOWO, a conservative talk show radio station in Fort Wayne. "I mean, there’s no other word to describe it. She bullied our son over Fox News."

The teacher met with school administrators and the Hein family, and apologized. She later apologized in class as well, though she also threw in assignments, telling students to do research on Trump's 'many lies'.

She had the students do a homework assignment that required them to write a report on Hurricane Maria, and how Trump failed to respond adequately to the state of emergency in Puerto Rico.

The Hein family pulled Jacob out of the Spanish class and put him into a creative writing class instead. They are not accepting the teacher's apology yet and are waiting to see how the school handles the matter. Todd Hein says the teacher was not fired.

“Fort Wayne Community Schools does not condone the kind of behavior detailed by this parent,” said a district spokesperson. “When we were notified, we immediately investigated and took appropriate action. Because this is a personnel matter, I cannot provide details of the outcome of the investigation.”

A lot of teachers have been having trouble remembering that their job is to inform their students, not indoctrinate them. Teachers should inspire children to learn and to pursue knowledge and be free thinkers, not to influence them to a certain way of thinking.

With so many hot-button political topics and heated feelings toward the president, teachers have been crossing the line a lot lately.

An art teacher in Dallas was placed on administrative leave after performing a mock assassination of Trump in the classroom. She projected an image of the president on a white board and shot at it with a water pistol while yelling 'die!' The teacher then posted a video of the lesson online.

Another teacher was disciplined for going on an Anti-American rant in the classroom, claiming Trump's slogan, "Make America Great Again," was meant only for white people.

Source: Yahoo
Photos: WPTA-21, You Tube, Fox News Screenshot

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