Four Guys Attempt To Rob A Jewelry Store - Make A Huge Mistake

A Texas jewelry store was targeted for armed robbery, but the owner of the store decided not to let the thieves get away without a fight. The store owner pulled out his AK-47 rifle and fired at the thieves.

Four armed men burst into the store Monday afternoon. During the robbery, the thieves fired at the owner, employees and customers. The owner pulled out his firearm and sprayed bullets at the robbers. Three other employee with firearms also fired shots at the robbers.

Three of the thieves ran and escaped out the door, but one was killed in the exchange of gunfire. The identity of the dead thief has not yet been released.

"There was a lot of gunfire," said Conroe Police Lt. Dorcy McGinnis.

"You always have a right to defend yourself, especially when the robber shoots at you," said owner Jeffery Turner Jr.'s attorney. Several witnesses testified that the robbers shot first.

The store had been robbed before. According to Turner, the last time thieves came in, "We were still putting the jewelry out ... (An employee) grabbed our shotgun. The robbers saw he had it, and ran out, saying, 'They've got guns. Let's get out of here.'"

Source: Your Conroe News
Photo: Chronicle/Michael Minasi via The Courier

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